DJ Platurn - So This Is De La Heaven 2 CD

DJ Platurn - So This Is De La Heaven 2 CDDJ Platurn
Label: Oakland Faders
Year: 2013
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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Oakland Faders founder and full time DJ DeeJay Platurn's De La Soul mix part two! In 2003 part one was groundbreaking in its detail orientation and outright dedication. A solid hour blend and break tape that hunted down the original samples from De La's career starting from the late 80s and on, thoughtfully and seamlessly putting them together, finding that original source material by any means necessary. Fast forward a decade later and Platurn is once again putting out another amazing tribute mix- the sequel. So this is De La Heaven Part 2. Same format and the same work ethic that went into the first one, but with attention paid to the joints that he couldn't squeeze into Part One. Everybody from Michael Rapaport to the almighty Plug Three himself Maseo have heard the tape and are loving it.

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