Various Artists - Uprising 3xLP

Various Artists - Uprising 3xLPVarious Artists
Label: Project Mooncircle
Year: 2013
Price: $24.95 (on sale)
Format: Vinyl

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Project Mooncircle's 2013 compilation thematically revolves all about the rise up from the generic. It is about young talented artists who are still struggling on their way up and are out there to make a name for themselves.

This compilation has 31 tracks on it and is well worth a purchase as it is filled with quality beats and rhymes throughout. Different artist like KRTS get to show off on eclectic tracks like ''Bonehead''. There are so many intricate parts and different samples being used and they all come together to gel very nicely. We underground heads appreciate getting to hear all these talented artists on one album!

1.IIIII (Five Eyes) - Humdrum
2.KRTS - Bonehead
3.Sieren - Escape - Counting
5.FiJi & Long Arm - Reunion
6.Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe - Wanju
7.Hanami - Ribbons
8.Julien Mier - Everything Is Illuminated
9.Deft - Maybes
10.Submerse - Glazed
11.opti - Springs
12.Den5hion - Piel de Leopardo
13.Tom Day & Monsoonsiren - Untitled
14.Tendts - After The Bliss
15.Thriftworks - Die Gracefully (feat. DH the Mythicalifornian)
16.PYUR x Rain Dog - Walk Away
17.Daixie - Huxley
18.Fau&Deam - Franz Deam Re-edit
19.Jean du Voyage - Rise & Appears (feat. Djela / Pierre Harmegnies)
20.Robot Koch - Heads Up
21.Robert Valsinger - Pip Till
22.Blossom - The Longest Journey
23.Neema - Goodbye...
24.Tomika - Fall In Springtime (Digital bonus)
25.How Green - Flat Faced (Digital bonus)
26.Drogtech - Around The Corner (Digital bonus)
27.Bruises - Charcoal (Digital bonus)
28.Night Logic - Unkleness (Digital bonus)
29.Deep Shoq - Lights Down (Digital bonus)
30.Stèv - Paint Me Like The Sky (Digital bonus)
31.Cass. - Jet Stream (Digital bonus) (feat. Anna Marjamäki)
32.Vitrion - Elevators (Digital bonus)

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