Dub Club - Return Of The Rub-A-Dub DVD+CD

Dub Club - Return Of The Rub-A-Dub DVD+CDDub Club
Label: Stones Throw Records
Year: 2013
Price: $18.95
Format: DVD+CD

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Return Of The Rub-A-Dub Style is a DVD+CD. The DVD is a documentary film following the Dub Club organizers and the long line of reggae and dub stars they've brought to perform exclusive shows in L.A. It features sound system footage and interviews with Edi Fitzroy, U Roy, King Stitt, Scientist, Sister Nancy, Ranking Joe, Welton Irie, Brigadier Jerry, Tippa Lee and many more.

The CD is freakin awesome too! You need to listen to ''Sensimilla'' by Triston Palma. The song is the best kind of reggae about how everybody is keeping medicated! The drums and bass have the sickest rhythms on that track. Great purchase from Stones Throw.

Disc 1: Documentary DVD
1.Return Of The Rub-A-Dub Style
Disc 2: Album CD
1.Tristan Palma - 'Sensimilla'
2.Lloyd Hemmings / Ranking Joe - 'Garrison'
3.Natty King - 'Me Nah Run'
4.Jimmy Riley - 'What Life Is Worth'
5.Tappa Zukie - 'Launch An Attack'
6.Ras Benji - 'Let Rasta In'
7.Patrick Andy - 'Bad Boy Johnny'
8.Tippa Lee - 'Me Nah Call No Police'
9.Lone Ranger - 'Keep On Dubbing In The Dance'
10.Sugar Minott - 'Slow Down'
11.Prince Jazzbo - 'Black Shadow'
12.Dylan Judah - 'Hail The King'
13.Welton Irie - 'Professional' (feat. Joe Lickshot)
14.Kojak - 'Reality Song'
15.Ras Congo - 'Illuminati Crucificaion Party'
16.Jah Faith - 'Jah The Judge'
17.Future Pigeon - 'Dr Philpots Dub'

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