Latyrx - The Second Album LP

Latyrx - The Second Album LPLatyrx
Label: Latyrimid
Year: 2013
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Format: Vinyl

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It's been 16 long years since Bay Area rappers and producers Lateef the Truth Speaker and Lyrics Born, who together make up Latyrx, released their critically acclaimed The Album, widely regarded as a seminal work in the West Coast underground hip-hop scene of the mid to late 1990s. Now in 2013 the long awaited follow up, The Second Album, arrives with an extraordinary roster of guest artists and producers that reads like a modern day music festival line-up, including Zion I, Tune Yards, Anticon, Living Colour, The Decemberists, Blackalicious, and more.

As musicians who have never followed the rules (their self-titled track from their 1997 self-titled album features both emcees rapping different lyrics simultaneously,) it's almost as if the world is catching up to Latyrx' modus operandi. Lyrics Born describes the new album as ''deliberate jibberish; it's very eclectic, mature, nonsensical imaginative, poetic, organic, synthetic, but all smackin.'' Lyrics Born and Lateef are proud to bring their unique experimental tone and rhyme patterns back to the forefront. Old fans will rejoice to hear that their favorite duo continue to push the envelope of rhythmic syncopation and vocal patterns while new fans will discover what they've been missing this whole time.

This album is ill with the featured MC's and producers. Jel, Amp Live, Busdriver, and Blackalicious are just some of the artists. Feast your ears on the experimental/ambient track ''Close Your Eyes'' ft. Busdriver. The track floats like a sweet breeze and shows you how unique and beautiful this duo can get.

Produced by Jel (tracks 1 & 3); Amp Live (2); Forrest Day (4); tUnE-yArDs (5 & 9); Antonionian (6); G-Koop & O-Man (7); Adam Theis and Lyrics Born (8); Chris Funk of The Decemberists (10); Future People (11); Kaveh Rastegar & Jeremy Ruzumna (12); The Bangerz (13).

2.It's Time (feat. Zion I)
4.Exclamation Point (feat. Forrest Day)
5.Deliberate Jibberish
6.Close Your Eyes (feat. Busdriver)
7.Nebula's Eye (feat. 1-O.A.K. / Joyo Velarde)
8.The Power of Rumor (Leonard Is Lost)
9.Watershed Moment (feat. Gift of Gab)
10.Sometimes Why?
11.Every Man For Himself (feat. Joyo Velarde)
12.Electric Chair (feat. Corey Glover)
13.Gorgeous Spirits (Aye, Let's Go!)

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