Canibus Presents - Almighty: The 2nd Coming CD

Canibus Presents - Almighty: The 2nd Coming CDCanibus Presents
Label: RBC Records
Year: 2013
Price: $17.95
Format: CD

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The Almighty clique core members are Canibus, JP Beats, Cappadonna, Bronze Nazareth, M-Eighty, Planet Asia and Nino Graye! My favorite track, ''Fly Away Legacy'' featuring Killah Priest, M-Eighty, Nino Graye & Bronze Nazareth has a crazy ghostly sample, chill bass, and some super nice strings. Killah Priest has some well placed rhymes that are like something read from an ancient scroll and the other participating MC's do a great job at keeping the song cohesive. Also listen to Planet Asia's hard verse on ''Immaculate Bosses'' about breaking up his dense bud. And before you make your decision about this sick collab, peep Vinny Paz's verse on ''Papyrus Prophecies''. The grimy, east coast, 90's beats are provided by JP Beats and Canibus.

1.A New Vision (Intro)
2.Papyrus (feat. M-Eighty / Canibus / Cappadonna / Planet Asia)
3.High Price Shots (feat. Vinnie Paz / Bronze Nazareth / Canibus / Planet Asia)
4.The Good Life (feat. Cappadonna / P. Dinero / Nino Graye)
5.Knowledge & The Power (feat. Kurupt / Bronze Nazareth / Cappadonna / M-Eighty)
6.Divide & Conquer (Interlude)
7.The Rapture (feat. Crooked-I / Planet Asia / Cappadonna / Chino XL)
8.Espionage (feat. Planet Asia / Nino Graye / Canibus)
9.Fly Away Legacy (feat. Killah Priest / M-Eighty / Nino Graye / Bronze Nazareth)
10.Immaculate Bosses (feat. Cappadonna,Tragedy / Planet Asia / Bronze Nazareth / Canibus)
11.As It Was Written (Interlude)
12.F.A.M. (feat. Canibus / Bronze Nazareth / M-Eighty / Nino Graye / Kool G Rap)
13.Blacktop Stock & Word Bond (feat. M-Eighty / Planet Asia / Masta Killa / Cappadonna / Canibus)
14.Super Ninjas (feat. Cappadonna / Nino Graye / Planet Asia / Canibus)
15.Over & Out (feat. Nino Graye / Bronze Nazareth / Flawless MC / Planet Asia / Canibus)
16.Victory (Outro)
17.American Dream (Remix) (feat. Busta Rhymes / Canibus / Bronze Nazareth / Cappadonna / Block McCloud )

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