Duke Westlake - Re.Turn CD

Duke Westlake - Re.Turn CDDuke Westlake
Label: Mello Music Group
Year: 2013
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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You are going to want to bang this instrumental album so loud but be careful because the bass smacks so hard you might blow your speakers out or your eardrums! You can get bumpage galore out of this bangin CD! This is the follow up to Trek Life's Hometown Foreigner which was entirely produced by Westlake. These are some dope ass beats that are so sweet they could be dipped in sugar. Duke Westlake shows off on a bunch of standout tracks, with one of them being a ambient track called ''Treespeak''. The synths are dreamy and the drums are poppy. On the very next track Duke comes through with a nasty guitar lick and some upbeat drums. He always keeps the vibe fresh on this 30 track Mello Music release with beats that keep changing, chopped up samples and some dope features on a couple tracks. The track I fell in love with though is ''Pordue Si''. The bass knocks hard and the wavy synths and strings are supernatural. The album features Ver Bs, and Jose Zeta Jones Rios.

1.Ascend (Intro)
2.Roll (Instrumental)
3.El Gato (Instrumental)
4.Look Ahead (Instrumental)
5.Free (Interlude) (Instrumental)
6.Treespeak (Instrumental)
7.Roundabout (Instrumental)
8.Geyser (Instrumental) (feat. Ver Bs / Jose Zeta Jones Rios)
9.La Polizia (Instrumental)
10.Reversal Co. (Instrumental) (feat. Jose Zeta Jones Rios)
11.Pressure (Instrumental)
12.Orbit Run (Instrumental)
13.Break Down (Instrumental)
14.Chanson (Outro) (Instrumental)
15.Primero (Instrumental)
16.Pordue Si (Instrumental)
17.Recuerdos (Instrumental)
18.Otra Vez (Instrumental)
19.Synapse (Interlude) (Instrumental)
20.Pescado Pesado (Instrumental)
21.La Luz (Instrumental)
22.Estilo (Instrumental)
23.Tudo Bern (Instrumental)
24.Final (Instrumental)
25.Everyone Changes (Instrumental)
26.Rain Gutta (Instrumental)
27.Stars Above Me (Instrumental)
28.Ships (Instrumental)
29.Only Way (Instrumental)
30.Rubble (Instrumental)

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