Factor - Woke Up Alone LP

Factor - Woke Up Alone LPFactor
Label: Fake Four
Year: 2013
Price: $18.95
Format: Vinyl

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Graham Murawsky, aka underground hip hop producer Factor, has chosen the five stages of grief as foundation for his latest collaboration album. It's a cool concept album about a man who lost his wife and is trying to bring her back from the dead. I was feelin the slow churning beat on the Nomad track ''Alive Tomorrow'' but I still can't get enough of the Astronautalis track ''Let It Go''. The guitar sample, bass and drums make for the dopest alternative hip hop track for Astro to get deep on. Tons of bangers on this amazing compilation which also features other Fake Four Inc. friends such as Ceschi, Onry Ozzborn, Open Mike Eagle, Paranoid Castle's Kirby Dominant, Myka 9 and last but most certainly not least Gregory Pepper.

1.Woke Up Alone
2.The Empire Has Fallen (feat. Paranoid Castle (Kirby D))
3.After The Service
4.Raise The Dead (feat. Ceschi)
5.Alive Tomorrow (feat. Nomad)
6.Stone Cold  (feat. Open Mike Eagle)
7.Long Hallways
8.In Sickness & In Health (feat. Onry Ozzborn)
9.Don't Give Up (feat. Paranoid Castle (Kirby D) / Jeans Boots)
10.Denied (feat. Myka 9 (Mikah 9))
11.Devil's Call (feat. Evil Ebeneezer)
12.Carry Over (feat. Jeans Boots)
13.Let It Go (feat. Astronautalis)
14.Give Up (feat. Gregory Pepper / Paranoid Castle (Kirby D))
15.The Grave (Burial)

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