Cook Classics - Cook Classics v Now-Again CD

Cook Classics - Cook Classics v Now-Again CDCook Classics
Label: Now-Again Records
Year: 2013
Price: $10.95
Format: CD

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Following the release of Maker Vs. Now-Again 2, Now-Again presents its first library offering from the producer Cook Classics, aka CookBook of L.A. Symphony.

Manhattan-born and Los Angeles-based, Cook Classics presents a series of songs that combine live instrumentation, modern and vintage synths, programmed beats and live drums. Rich and layered, these tracks have a hip-hop backbone -- built from samples within the Now-Again catalog -- upon which Cook adds pop-music elements. It's no wonder that Cook's music has been synched in ads by Pepsi and has been heard in major movies, television and awards shows. He's currently working as a songwriter for Sony/ATV and producing for artists of every style at all major labels.

Check the bass heavy track ''Dig The Streets'' and you will love it. It feels like MF Doom should have come on and rhymed on it. There are other mellow, jazzy tracks that will put you on a cerebral head trip like ''Home is Where The Heart Is''.

This limited edition is CD is packaged in a mini-LP thick cardboard tip-on sleeve and was pressed in limited quantity.

Open copy, played in our store. Excellent condition for disc and cardboard sleeve. Cellophane resealable wrapper has a small tear & some wear.

1.Rocky vs. Rambo
2.Heart Me Back Or DIE!
3.Dig The Streets
4.Home Is Where The Heart Is
5.Suck Me
6.Forgotten Lovers
7.27 Jump Street
9.Sentimental Knock Knees
11.Vanilla Love
12.Dude Complex
13.Wish You Were With Me
15.Lovely Ladies
16.I Am Complicated
17.Laveta Terrace
19.Kick It Out
20.Cheap Ass Real
21.Take Off Your Clothes
22.Complained The Whole Way Home
23.Aye My Man 2

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