Just-Ice - Sir Vicious: The Best Of 2xCD

Just-Ice - Sir Vicious: The Best Of 2xCDJust-Ice
Label: Traffic Ent. Group
Year: 2013
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Format: CD

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This is the definitive overview of the original gangster of hip hop: Just-Ice aka Sir Vicious. Just the best of Just-Ice is included, from his debut 12'' ''Latoya/Put That Record Back On'' with production by Kurtis Mantronik, through ''Cool and Wicked'' from ''VII.'' Sir Vicious complies the best material covering more than a decade, including four of the best albums in hip hop history.

Starting with the debut full-length ''Back to the Old School'' audiences around the world discovered Just-Ice as one of the first MCs to bring it so hard as to be called hardcore rap. Perhaps his past as a bouncer at punk rock clubs around New York had something to do with his hardcore attitude, or perhaps just a reflection of coming up in a pre-hipster Brooklyn. Regardless, content-wise Just-Ice may have been aggressive, but the yin and the yang of it is that his flow is stylistically elegant. Production by Kurtis Mantronik only accentuated this aggressive elegance. When Mantronik exited the Sleeping Bag camp, Just-Ice paired up with KRS-One for ''Kool & Deadly'' and ''The Desolate One.'' The partnership resulted in classics like ''Freedom Of Speech,'' ''Welfare Recipients,'' and ''Moshitup.'' Continuing to pair up with legends, 1990's ''Masterpiece'' found Ice working with Grandmaster Flash.

Classic material right here! Tons of classic lines that have been sampled and I caught a couple sounds that MF Doom has sampled. Crazy beats, beat boxing and mad style.

Open copy, played in our store. Excellent condition. Original cover as shown. Small smudge from a black marker on the bar code.

Disc 1
1.Cold Gettin' Dumb
2.Back To The Old School
4.Gangster Of Hip Hop
5.Put That Record Back On
6.Cold Gettin' Dumb II
7.That Girl Is A Slut
8.Going Way Back
9.The Original Gangster Of Hip Hop
10.Freedom Of Speech
11.Moshitup (feat. Krs One)
12.Kool & Deadly
Disc 2
1.Freedom Of Speech '88 (12'' Single Edit)
2.The Desolate One
3.Welfare Recipients
4.Na Touch Da Just
5.It's Time I Release
6.Get Into Something
7.The Music
8.Slow, Low & Dope
10.Cool And Wicked
11.Way Back (We're Going) (feat. Chubb Rock)
12.Cold Gettin' Dumb ('97 Remix)

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