Various Artists - Khat Thaleth LP

Various Artists - Khat Thaleth LPVarious Artists
Label: Stronghold Sound
Year: 2013
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Format: Vinyl

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Khat Thaleth, Third Line: Initiative for the Elevation of Public Awareness covers a wide spectrum of this new wave of conscious rap and features artists from diverse scenes like Palestine, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. The CD is a comprehensive 23-track compilation, from which 7 tracks are selected for the LP, which also includes the instrumentals.

The title, ''Khat Thaleth'', refers to a third train rail or track, a metaphor for a third way of looking at the polarized political context in the region, as well as a reference to the ''hijaz'' railroad that used to connect much of the Arab world. Artists team-up, in most cases from different regions and countries, to deliver critical blows to the various political systems in place, and offer sharp social commentary as well as sober realities currently being faced on the ground.

The immense relevance of the unprecedented Khat Thaleth compilation in the Middle East is not only limited to the politically charged content of the verses (full English translations of the lyrics are available online). Artistically, the album also provides us with a glimpse into the avant-garde of some of the most musically adventurous artists and producers in current Arab rap, who smoothly mix their lessons learned from American golden age rap luminaries with their very own folk traditions creating a completely new school of lyricism and production.

This is a conscious politically charged album, very cool because of how the MC's incorporate American golden era rap into their own traditions to create a new genre of their own. One of the highlights on this album is ''Armada Bizerta''. I recommend you peep that track and it will leave you wanting more I'm sure of it.

1.Touffar - 'Min Al Awal (From The Begining)'
2.Zeinedin + Narcicyst - 'Sharq Awsat Jdeed (New Middle East)'
3.Rami BG - 'Soura (Picture)'
4.Yaseen - 'Il Haal (The Situation)'
5.LaTlateh - 'Baladi (Countrystyle)'
6.El Far3i - 'Harra (The Street)'
7.El Rass + Hamorabi - 'Souret Sourya (Chapter Of Syria)'
8.Armada Bizerta - 'Salam (Peace)'
9.Abdullah Miniawy - 'Toyour Tha Ira (Revolution Birds)'
10.Maqdesi - 'Aleh (Parasite)'
11.Bu Kulthoum + Zeinedin - 'Ezaz Mathoun (Ground Glass)'
12.Al Haqq - 'Dam Ou Zeytoun (Blood And Olives)'
13.El Rass - 'Oumat El Zulum (Nation Of Injustice)'
14.Tamer Naffar + Al Sayyed Darwish - 'Kursi E Tiraf (Interrogation Chair)
15.Touffar - 'Ya Haif (Oh Shameful)'
16.Al Sayyed Darwish + El Rass - 'Ya Deeb (Oh Wolf)'
17.Armada Bizerta - 'Taht El Soor (Under The Rampart)'
18.LaTlateh - 'Boov (Boov)'
19.Asifeh - 'Ramadi (Gray)'
20.El Rass - 'Foosh (Float)'
21.Mohamad Antar - 'Ana El Sha b ( I Am The People)'
22.Al Haqq - 'Rad Al Sha b (The Peoples Response)'
23.El Far3i + El Rass - 'Janna Janna (Heaven Heaven)'

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