Various Artists - History of Queensbridge CD

Various Artists - History of Queensbridge CDVarious Artists
Label: Ascetic Music / Module Records
Year: 2013
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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History of Queensbridge is a testimonial of the Queensbridge sound from the 90's on previously unreleased tracks from Nas, Cormega, Mobb Deep, CNN, Tragedy Khadafi, Kool G Rap, Killa Sha as well as more underground artists like Bars & Hooks, Nature ... History of Queensbridge also offers great collaborations between Queensbridge MCs and neighbors from Brooklyn and beyond: Cormega & Busta Rhymes, Kamakazee (KL from Scewball) & Marley Marl, Killa Sha & Biggie Smalls. Can't believe how many dope artists come from Queensbridge! Complete bangers from front to back on this CD.

1.Cormega - 'Testaments'
2.Mobb Deep & ACD - 'Black Life'
3.Nas, Noreaga, & Nature - 'Triple Threat'
4.CNN - 'Live'
5.Kool G Rap & Nas - 'Holla Back To Dope'
6.Cormega & Busta Rhymes - 'Freestyle Shit'
7.Tragedy Khadafi - 'Real'
8.Kamakazee (Screwball) & Maley Marl - 'Snakes'
9.Killa Sha & Biggie Smalls - 'Set It Up'
10.Mobb Deep - 'Freestyle 1994'
11.Nas - 'Fast Life' (Buckwild Remix) (feat. Kool G Rap)
12.Nore, Maze, & Prodigy - 'N Luv Thug'
13.Tragedy Khadafi , Noreaga, Meccalicious, & Pete Rock - 'Strange Fruit'
14.Imam Thug - 'Death Missile 2'
15.Bars & Hooks - 'QB Sabotage'
16.Scrape Scrilla - 'The Run In'
17.Scrape Scrilla - 'Ain't Playin Wit Ya'
18.E Money Bags - 'Gun Ring'
19.Havoc & Kool G Rap - 'Thug Chronicles'
20.Nature & Tragedy Khadafi - 'Betrayal'

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