3D - The Hanaira Project CDR

3D - The Hanaira Project CDR3D
Label: Vizion Records
Year: 2012
Price: $7.95
Format: CDR

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Local MC and Tattoo artist 3D blew my mind with this one. Crazy that this guy isn't signed! He has a style of his own and raps full of knowledge and hip hop vitality. Featuring S.D. MCs Blame One, Vernon Bridges, and others. Also dope S.D. producers ScatterBrain and BeatSmith Resist to name a few. Topics on this album range from kids raised in the technological age, tattoos, societal woes, and keeping your mind right. He has dope videos too. Favorite song has to be AquaBoogie! The sample is awesome and you may have heard the disflex6 use it before but not like this. Support this guy and help keep the local underground scene relevant.

Produced by Scatter Brain (tracks 1, 12); Dj.FYA (2, 5, 10); BeatSmith Resist (3, 11); Marques Lattin (4); AIMS1 (6); J.Supreme/LPSD (7); DJ Elevation (8); 3D & Dj.Slayer (9); SeijiKillZ (13). Scratches by DJ ReyFino. Additional vocals by Arianah M. Quezada (track 1); April McCall (2).

1.Hanaira Project (fuckAlabel Intro)
2.AquaBoogie (feat. Vernon Bridges)
3.Equipment Invaders (''Jack Move'')
4.Digital World (feat. Blame One)
5.Substance (feat. Art the Lion)
6.Deamonted Sounds (Interlude)
7.Revolution Music
8.Open Up Shop
9.Tatted Up & Blasted
10.W.W.G. (feat. Madd Joker)
11.Gonna Get It (feat. Money Maxx)
12.Luggage (feat. OG Kaboose)
13.D--- Riders & Groupies
14.Notepad (J Dilla Tribute) (Bonus Track)

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