House Shoes - Let It Go Instrumentals 2xLP

House Shoes - Let It Go Instrumentals 2xLPHouse Shoes
Label: Tres Records
Year: 2012
Price: $22.95
Format: Vinyl

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The instrumental versions of the tracks heard on House Shoes' debut record, Let It Go. House Shoes is the type of producer whose work you can't fully appreciate until you've heard the details that go into each track. This instrumental release allows listeners to immerse themselves in the claps, snares, kicks, and soul-filled samples (all the nuances that might be overlooked next to the features). Shoes delivers an album that sounds like an album (and not a mixtape): no small feat in today's music world. He blends the songs and interludes into a sequence that sounds like something bigger.

The beats go hard as you would expect from a Detroit producer and yes they have that Dilla-esque feel. Love the beat ''Sunrise''. The flute is chill and so are the drums! Good song to wake up to.

1.Let It Go (The Beginning) (Instrumental)
2.Empire / Get Down (Instrumental)
3.Goodfellas To Bad Boys / Excursions (Instrumental)
4.Dirt / Bad Ass (Instrumental)
5.Time / Nowhere To Run (Instrumental)
6.Crazy / BahBahBah (Instrumental)
7.Last Breath / Pimp Shit (Instrumental)
8.Keep On / Til Infinity (Instrumental)
9.Sweet / Noodles (Instrumental)
10.So Different / Moody (Instrumental)
11.Everything (Modern Family) / Without You (Instrumental)
12.Sunrise / Love (Instrumental)
13.Trouble / Slaves (Instrumental)
14.Nails / Broken (Instrumental)
15.Castles / My Brother (Instrumental)
16.Cry Now / Gone (Instrumental)
17.Roller Coaster (Instrumental) (feat. Fat Albert Einstein)
18.Empire Reprise (Instrumental) (feat. Sam Beaubien (Will Sessions))

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