Various Artists - Twin Cities Funk & Soul 2xLP

Various Artists - Twin Cities Funk & Soul 2xLPVarious Artists
Label: Secret Stash Records
Year: 2012
Price: $24.95
Format: Vinyl

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Twin Cities Funk & Soul: Lost R&B Grooves from Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964-1979 is a compilation of sweet-soul and raw funk from a long line of singers and musicians that defined Twin Cities funkiness pre-Prince, the first to uncover the music that laid the ground work for the ''Minneapolis Sound''. The soulful voices of Maurice McKinnies, Wanda Davis and Jackie Harris, whose singles have been long sought after on the collector's market, are gathered in one place along with breakworthy R&B and psychedelic funk from Twin Cities bands including Prophets of Peace, Willie and the Bumblebees and The Lewis Connection. Plus the sweet soul of Wee Willie Walker, The Valdons and Dave Brady and the Stars make for an incredible package of music and original photos from that era.

1.The Valdons - 'All Day Long'
2.Maurice McKinnies & The Champions - 'Sock-A-Poo-Poo '69 (Part 1)'
3.Jackie Harris & The Champions - 'Work Your Flapper (Part 1)'
4.Mojo And Hi 'Chi 4' - 'She's A Whole Lotta Woman'
5.Dave Brady And The Stars - 'Ridin' High'
6.Wee Willie Walker - 'I Ain't Gonna Cheat On You No More'
7.Wanda Davis - 'Save Me'
8.Jackie Harris & The Exciters - 'Get Funky, Sweet A Little Bit'
9.Wee Willie Walker - 'There Goes My Used To Be'
10.Wanda Davis - 'Take Care'
11.Maurice McKinnies & The Champions - 'Sweet Smell Of Perfume'
12.Dave Brady And The Stars - 'Baby, Baby I Need You'
13.The Valdons - ' Love Me, Leave Me'
14.Willie and The Bumblebees - 'Dipstick'
15.Morris Wilson - 'Rusty Mc Dusty'
16.Band Of Thieves - ' Thieves In The Funkhouse'
17.Prophets of Peace - 'You Can Be'
18.Morris Wilson - 'Saxophone Disco'
19.Willie and The Bumblebees - 'Honey From The Bee'
20.Prophets of Peace - 'The Maxx'
21.The Lewis Connection - 'Get Up'

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