Craig G - Ramblings of an Angry Old CD

Craig G - Ramblings of an Angry Old CDCraig G
Label: Soulspazm Records
Year: 2012
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Format: CD

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Craig G (born Craig Curry) is from New York City's Queensbridge, which has spawned some of Hip Hop's greats from Marley Marl, Nas & Mobb Deep. He is known as one of the original members of Marley Marl's Cold Chillin' Records group the historical Juice Crew. In 1985 Craig and Marley recorded ''Shout'' and ''Transformer,'' both released by Pop Art Records. The latter track in particular stands out as a landmark moment in the evolution of hardcore rap, establishing the blueprint that endless East Coast posses like the Wu-Tang Clan would emulate years later. Craig G released two albums on Atlantic in 89 and 91, and charted with the single, ''U-R Not the 1.''

Craig G was a leading freestyle battle rapper, memorably battling Supernatural on several occasions and becoming the undisputed, decorated rap battle champion. In the early 2000s, he wrote and coordinated the battle verses used by Eminem's opponents in the film 8 Mile and penned many lyrics for 50 Cents' Get Rich or Die Trying for the character Dangerous.

Craig G still continues to perform all over the world. His electrifying performances continue to draw crowds throughout Africa, Europe and Asia not to mention America. The new album speaks to the classic Hip Hop pillars of hard core beats and masterful word play.

With beats like these you don't have to be that great at rapping but we all know late 80's rapper Craig G is one of the greatest of all time! The beats alone make this a must buy. ''Call That Hip Hop'' produced by Beatnik & K Salaam has that Dilla vibe on the beat and Craig G kills! Nice features like Sadat X and Mr. Cheeks on ''It's real'' keep your head noddin. Listen to the intro produced by Dremost and Craig G will let you know if this album is for you.

Produced by Dre Most (tracks 1, 8, 15, 16); DJ Nastee (2, 10, 14); Marco Polo (3); Callie Ban (4); Jake One (5); Kold Shoulder (6); Whateva (7); Flub Tinsdale (9); Soul Theory (13); K-Salaam & Beatnik (12); LMNO (11); Da Beatminerz (17).

2.Back At Em
3.That's Good For You
4.Classic Personafied
5.Effortless (feat. Chaundon / Big Pooh)
6.Rabbit Season
7.Interstate Travelin (feat. Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz) / Devin The Dude)
8.I'm Just Saying
9.Rare Day
10.Heaven & Hell (feat. Styles P)
12.Call That Hip Hop?
13.Commercial Break (feat. Mr. Who)
14.It's Real (feat. Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz) / Sadat X)
15.Oh Oh Oh It's
16.Money Don't Matter
17.Get It In The Streets

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