The Coup - Sorry To Bother You CD

The Coup - Sorry To Bother You CDThe Coup
Label: ANTI-
Year: 2012
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Format: CD

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Oakland's political collective The Coup is back after a 6 year hiatus! This has that fun dance vibe that they are known for. If you haven't heard The Coup, you are missing out on the best kind of soul/rock/hip-hop there is. Listen to ''The Clap''! It will make you wanna dance and sing with a smile on your face. The rapper Boots Riley has dope styles, messages, and rhymes. Not every song is filled with dance vibes and you never get the sense that The Coup is domineering with their message. Some tracks are straight chillin like ''Violet''. The strings are beautiful! I swear this reminds me of Pink Floyd/Ozomatli/Outkast. Cop this album if you like any of those groups!

Called one of their ''10 most influential people'' by Vibe Magazine, Riley has also collaborated with Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), New Orleans band Galactic, Atari Teenage Riot and more. He is currently a prominent figure in the Occupy Movement, participating in actions and speaking on racism, capitalism, and grassroots organizing throughout the world.

Produced by Boots Riley and Damion Gallegos.

1.The Magic Clap
2.Strange Arithmetic
3.Your Parents' Cocaine (feat. Justin Sane (Anti-Flag))
4.The Gods of Science (feat. Bhi Bhiman / Vernon Reid (Living Colour))
5.My Murder, My Love
6.You Are Not A Riot (An RSVP from David Siquieros to Andy Warhol)
7.Land of 7 Billion Dances
9.This Year
10.We've Got a Lot to Teach You, Cassius Green
11.Long Island Iced Tea, Neat (feat. Japanther)
12.The Guillotine
13.WAVIP (feat. Das Racist / Killer Mike)

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