Vernon Bridges - Wrought Of Chaos CD

Vernon Bridges - Wrought Of Chaos CDVernon Bridges
Label: Red Lotus Klan
Year: 2012
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Format: CD

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San Diego underground heavyweight (formerly known as Kaboose) returns under a new moniker, nine years since his last album.

Produced by Infinity Gauntlet. Art by Albane.

1.A Kid's Concept of Good and Evil
2.The 6th World of Conscienceness
3.City Cemetary
4.Jelly Fish
5.Beautiful Polution
6.Sid and Nancy
7.Snake Breath
8.Radio Machete
9.Vernon Bridges
10.The Killa Is Shook
11.Skeleton Head

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Remain Strange - Vernon Bridges Wrought of Kaos , August 19, 2012
By: Stranger One - See all my reviews

First off big ups to Kaboose A.K.A Vernon Bridges San Diego's Own Sharp Tongue Lyricist and Producer Infinity Gauntlet on that Dope Wrought of Kaos Album definitely don't shy away from this one in less you want to live your life benighted in regret ... Abstract Hardcore some will say well Hardcore I will indubitably stamp that on there as far as abstract goes only to the reluctantly uninstructed but then again I used to put that label on my self coming from a producers point of view but in light of it all I think Strange Hardcore Arcane would be sutable genre for San Diego's sound which I don't think people are ready for but none the less has to be expressed and who better than Kaboose ... It's time for San Diego's Hip Hop to take it to that other level ...
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