Jewelz Infinite - Katharsis CD

Jewelz Infinite - Katharsis CDJewelz Infinite
Year: 2012
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Jewelz Infinite is a collaborative effort of San Diego's Trust One (Formula Abstract / Guerrilla Republik / Echelon) and Chicago's Atma (Masta Buildas / Guerrilla Republik / Molemen). Trust and Atma trade vocal wisdom about metaphysics and annunaki philosophies with the help of their extraterrestrially enlightened bredren, Orko Eloheim, Apakalypse, Mike Tappen, Rasul Allah, and more. They enlisted a host of producers (Tekone, Annex, 542.Odessa.Trick.Makers, Colonna, Fascist Beats, and more) to help tend their musical landscape.

Produced by Colonna Beats (tracks 1 & 2); B-Digital (3); 542.Odessa.Trick.Makers (4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17); Fascist Beats (5, 15); Tekone (9, 14); Lord Gamma (16); Annex (18); The Chukchee (19); Wydow (20); Lyvr (21).

2.The Golden Falcon (feat. Rasul Allah)
3.Nuclear Jetstreams (feat. Orko Eloheim)
4.Waking Life
5.Ancient Astronauts (feat. Orko Eloheim)
7.Katharsis (feat. Rasul Allah)
8.Poison (feat. Jahnigga Da Baptist)
9.Obelisk (feat. Self Soulfuric)
10.Abstract Formulas of Infinite Jewelz
11.Cosmic Visionaries
12.Alien Cybernetics (feat. Orko Eloheim)
13.9 Spheres (feat. Rasul Allah)
14.Repelling the Outbreak (feat. Wormhole)
15.Clash of the Titans (feat. Son of Saturn)
16.Eternal Soul Fire (feat. Apakalypse)
18.Hammer of the Gods
20.Space Harmonics (feat. Orko Eloheim / Mike Tappen)
21.Exact Science

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'Album of the year', September 7, 2012
By: mars gate - See all my reviews

'Katharsis' is definately hip-hop on the next level. Atma and Trust One have delivered a beautiful debut album, with some amazing features and is already considered a timeless underground classic. 'Action-packed' with intelligent lyricism, this album reaches to the core of ones being and awakens those sleeping celestial dismantles molecules and reassembles them into more conscious forms. The evolution of our culture, right here.

Jewelz Infinite's debut album , July 28, 2012
By: Wormhole - See all my reviews

Atma and TrustOne have released a solid offering,
"Katharsis" sets the mood to make you think while
questioning your spiritual limits. This album takes you
on a deep journey, exploring all realms of consciousness,
diving deep into the catacombs of inner light.

The soundscape canvass is filled with heavy beats from
a tasteful array of production laced with non stop vocal
awareness. The arsenal of featuring emcees really add that
extra element. RasulAllah (of LCOB) features on 3 tracks,
and Orko Eloheim features on 4 tracks. Including verse from
Jah Nigga Tha Baptist, Self Soulfuric, Son of Saturn,
Mike Tappen and myself (Wormhole) was privileged to record
a verse for the song "repelling the outbreak" produced by TekOne.

support and promote Jewelz Infinite by purchasing this album,
doing so will help TrustOne and Atma to keep bringing that heat.
be on the look out for the follow up project that is in the works and
coming soon.

Revolt Motion. Guerilla Republik. ESF. Formula Abstract. MastaBuildas

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