7even Thirty - Heaven's Computer 2xLP

7even Thirty - Heaven's Computer 2xLP7even Thirty
Label: Mello Music Group
Year: 2013
Price: $12.95
Format: Vinyl

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7evenThirty is bugged out, eccentric, crazy. After spending years cutting his teeth and finding his sound, the Jackson, Mississippi native is ready to shake up the earth, literally, with his Mello Music Group debut, Heaven's Computer. Not content with simply displaying his proficiency with the pen, 7evenThirty is looking to broaden your concept of what a hip-hop LP can be. A concept album if there ever was one, Heaven's Computer finds 7even literally crash landing on this planet as Max Redrum, a being from a foreign world sent to scout the globe on an apocalyptic mission. Armed with a violent temper, a sharp wit and an artificially intelligent advisor by the name of Alfie, 7even's initial aim to ready the earth for obliteration gets detoured as he begins to learn about humanity and discovers some in himself. The story is backed by spacey, trunk-rattling funk courtesy of Sweden's Erik L, plus 7evenThirty's longtime friend and collaborator 5-D, as well as Mr. Slago. The sound is at times ominous (''Space Gangsta''), at times feel-good (''Get Up!!!''), but always uncompromisingly rooted in head-snapping boom-bap.

Produced by 7even Thirty (tracks 1, 5, 12); 5-D (2, 3, 6, 8, 10); Erik L (4, 9, 11, 13); Erik L & 7even Thirty (7); M. Slago (14).

3.The Endtro
5.Earth Gurl
6.Chocolate Bliss
7.Ahead Of Our Time (feat. Headkrack / 5-D / Mo Ney Stax / Gensu Dean)
8.Space Gangsta (feat. Coke Bumaye / Ivisuai)
9.Mysterious Business (feat. Sleepy Will / Kamikaze / DJ Phingaprint)
10.God (feat. Laurie Walker)
11.Heaven's Radio / Interference
12.Nightmare (feat. DJ Phyia)
13.Strange Life Forms / Devastation
14.Where It's At (Another Tragedy)

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