Various Artists - P&P: Hits, Hits, Hits 15xCD

Various Artists - P&P: Hits, Hits, Hits 15xCDVarious Artists
Label: Traffic Ent. Group
Year: 2012
Price: $39.95
Format: CD

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This astonishing 15 CD box set compiles nearly 200 releases from the mighty P&P Records and its affiliated labels. Each CD is housed in a full color jacket and emblazoned with the logo of a different P&P offshoot: Queen Constance, Land Of Hits, Sweet Georgia Peach, Golden Flamingo, Sounds Of New York, Heavenly Star, Hit Makers Of American, Land Of Hits and many more. All 15 CDs are packed into durable 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 full color box for safe keeping.

Containing over 17 hours of music from 88 different groups on 24 different labels this set delivers value, value, value in addition to ''Hits, Hits, Hits.'' Highly sought after P&P gems like Cloud One's ''Atmosphere Strut'', Dennis Mobley's version of ''Superstition'', Marta Acuna's ''Dance, Dance Dance'', Marvin Wright's ''Robot Dance'', Clyde Alexander & Sanction's ''Got To Get Your Love'', and many, many (many, many, many) more are all included. Original pressings often go for hundreds and even thousands of dollars to collectors around the globe, when they're available. Now they're all available in one sweet spot -- ''Hits, Hits, Hits''.

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Disc 1: CD One
1.Super Coper and Clarence Breakers - 'This Is The Way You Do The Break Dance'
2.Super Coper and Clarence Breakers - 'This Is The Way You Do The Break Dance (Instrumental)'
3.Fresh Female - 'Roller Rooster Rap Dance'
4.Sherod - 'Schooling (Put Your Mind To The Message'
5.Stax - 'New York Computer Break Dance'
6.Wild Honey - 'Only September'
7.Wild Honey - 'I've Been Working'
8.Otis Turner - 'Do The Funky Donkey'
9.Otis Turner - 'Who's Gonna'
10.Brisko The Kidd - Big Foot Boogie'
11.CC Crew - 'CC Crew Rap'
12.Gaylord - 'Walking 42nd Street'
13.Golden Flamingo Orchestra - The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us' (feat. Margo Williams)
Disc 2: CD Two
1.Kessler - 'Turn Up Your Radio'
2.Land of Hits Orchestra - 'Gangster Rock'
3.Leo Roy - 'Pound For Pound'
4.Little Starsky - 'Gangster Rock'
5.Master Jay - 'We Are People Too'
6.Mr Fox - 'Smooth Talk'
7.Mr Fox - 'Smooth Talk (Instrumental)'
8.Universal Two - 'Dancing Heart'
9.Bobby Mann - 'Spank Me (Vocal)'
10.Bobby Mann - 'Spank Me (Instrumental)'
11.Cloud One - 'Flying High (Part 1)'
12.Cloud One - 'Flying High (Part 2)'
Disc 3: CD Three
1.Clyde Alexander & Sanction - 'Got To Get Your Love (Vocal)'
2.Clyde Alexander & Sanction - 'Got To Get Your Love (Instrumental)'
3.Lavaba & E Mallison - 'A Game Of Life (Vocal)'
4.Lavaba & E Mallison - 'A Game Of Life (Instrumental)'
5.Lil Michael - 'She Swept Me Off My Feet'
6.Lil Michael - 'She Swept Me Off My Feet (Instrumental)'
7.Margos Kool Out Crew - 'Death Rap'
8.Naomi Peterson - 'Sweet Naomi Rap'
9.Stack - 'Win Jesse Win'
10.Stack - 'Win Jesse Win (Instrumental)'
11.Tony Gray & Beverly Lee - 'Moan For Love'
12.Tony Gray & Beverly Lee - 'Moan For Love (Instrumental)'
13.Troy Rainey - 'Tricky Tee Rap'
Disc 4: CD Four
1.The Imperial Three - 'It's Rough'
2.The Imperial Three - 'It's Rough (Dub)'
3.Michael Campbell & High Voltage - 'We Are Making Music (Part 1)'
4.Michael Campbell & High Voltage - 'We Are Making Music (Part 2)'
5.Mr B - 'Rapper-Dapper-B'
6.Super-Jay - 'Super-Jay Love Theme'
7.Family - 'Family Rap'
8.Cloud One - 'Patty Duke'
9.Mary Clark - 'Take Me I'm Yours'
10.Joe Milo - 'Touch You In The Night'
11.Ahzz - 'New York's Movin'
Disc 5: CD Five
1.Bernard Rapper Dapper Thomas - 'Got To Be In Got To Be Out'
2.Bernard Rapper Dapper Thomas - 'Got To Be In Got To Be Out (Instrumental)'
3.Fly Guy - 'Fly Guy Rap'
4.Ikim & Bacardi - 'Funk Rap (Vocal)'
5.Ikim & Bacardi - 'Funk Rap (Instrumental)'
6.Jesse Henderson - 'I Did It Again'
7.Louise Murray - 'Did You Notice'
8.Louise Murray - '(Let's Just) Stay Away'
9.Mistafide - 'Equidity Funk'
10.Shift - 'Roller Rink Fink'
Disc 6: CD Six
1.Teen-Machine - 'Teen-Machine Rap'
2.Zoot II - 'Dr. Ice Rap'
3.Best Friend Around - 'It's So Good To Know'
4.Foster Jackson Group - 'Feel The Spirit (Long Disco Version)'
5.Foster Jackson Group - 'Feel The Spirit (Disco Version)'
6.Smokie Brook - 'Long Time Ago (But I Wish Today Was Yesterday)'
7.Smokie Brook - 'I Want To Be True'
8.Scott Davis and The Movements - 'Freaktime'
9.Scott Davis and The Movements - 'Freaktime (Instrumental)'
10.Florence Miller - 'The Groove I'm In (Original 12'' Mix)'
11.Caress - 'I Just Want To Spend My Life With You (Original Album Version)'
12.Four Below Zero - 'My Baby's Got E.S.P. (Original 12'' Mix)'
13.Darrow & Stereo - 'Stereo Funk'
14.Darrow & Stereo - 'Stereo Funk (Original 12'' Mix)'
15.Johnson Products - 'Johnson Jumpin' (Original 12'' Mix)'
16.Me, You & Him - 'Hey Love, I'm For Real'
17.High Voltage - 'High Voltage'
Disc 7: CD Seven
1.Michael Campbell - 'Too Hot'
2.Puck Rock - 'We Are Making Music'
3.Cloud One - 'Atmosphere Strut (Part 1 & 2)'
4.Cloud One - 'Disco Juice'
5.Cloud One - 'Charleston Hopscotch'
6.Cloud One - 'Spaced Out'
7.Dennis Mobley & Fresh Taste - 'I'd Do Anything For Your Love'
8.Dennis Mobley & Fresh Taste - 'Superstition'
9.Flame And The Sons Of Darkness - 'Solid Funk'
10.Flame And The Sons Of Darkness - 'Something'
11.Florence Miller - 'I Believe In Love'
12.Florence Miller - 'I'm Coming Back To Life Again'
13.Henry Brooks - 'Mini Skirt'
14.Henry Brooks - 'The Greatest Debt To My Mother'
Disc 8: CD Eight
1.Jesse Gould - 'Out Of Work (Vocal)'
2.Jesse Gould - 'Out Of Work (Instrumental)'
3.King David - 'Set You Free'
4.King David - 'Stoop Down Baby'
5.King David - 'Hitch Hike One More Time'
6.King David - 'A Boy From Texas, A Girl From Tennessee'
7.King David - 'Set You Free (Instrumental)'
8.King David - 'Stoop Down Baby (Instrumental)'
9.King David - 'Hitch Hike One More Time (Instrumental)'
10.King David - 'A Boy From Texas, A Girl From Tennessee (Instrumental)'
11.Magnetic Touch - 'Ain't Gonna Be A Next Time (Short Version)'
12.Magnetic Touch - 'Ain't Gonna Be A Next Time (Long Version)'
13.Mancefield Hitchmon - 'Going To A P&P Disco Party'
14.Marta Acuna - 'Dance, Dance, Dance (Disco Version)'
15.Marta Acuna - 'Dance, Dance, Dance (DJ Version)'
Disc 9: CD Nine
1.Oral Caress - 'Charlie's Angels (Disco Version)'
2.Oral Caress - 'Why Can't Our Love Be Like It Was Before'
3.Oral Caress - 'Love Fantasy (Reason To Live)'
4.Oral Caress - 'You Gave Me Love'
5.Peter Brown - 'Hooker (Part 1)'
6.Peter Brown - 'Hooker (Part 2)'
7.Queen Yahna - 'Ain't It Time (Vocal)'
8.Queen Yahna - 'Ain't It Time (Instrumental)'
9.Sentimental Souls - 'It's Party Time Part 1'
10.Sentimental Souls - 'It's Party Time Part 2'
11.Smoky Brooks - 'Long Time Ago (Vocal)'
12.Smoky Brooks - 'Long Time Ago (Instrumental)'
13.Sons of Darkness - 'Funky Thing'
14.Sons of Darkness - 'What It Looks Like'
15.Sons of Darkness - 'Black Ice'
Disc 10: CD Ten
1.Anita Maldonado - 'What Can I Do To Make You Dance'
2.Jazz - 'I Feel Like Love'
3.Cloud One - 'Atmosphere Strut 1979 (Part 1)'
4.Cloud One - 'Atmosphere Strut 1979 (Part 2)'
5.Cloud One - 'Dust To Dust'
6.Cloud One - 'Doin It All Night Long'
7.Cloud One - 'Jump Jump Jump'
8.Cloud One - 'Funky Track'
Disc 11: CD Eleven
1.Cloud One - 'Stomp Your Feet and Dance'
2.Cloud One - 'Music Funk'
3.Cloud One - 'Happy Music'
4.Ella Hamilton - 'I'm Gonna Fool You! (Vocal)'
5.Ella Hamilton - 'I'm Gonna Fool You! (Instrumental)'
6.Ella Hamilton - 'Here's To You (Vocal)'
7.Ella Hamilton - 'Here's To You (Instrumental)'
8.High Fidelity - 'Life Time'
9.High Fidelity - 'Dedicated'
10.High Fidelity - 'Love Champ'
11.High Fidelity - 'From Us To You'
Disc 12: CD Twelve
1.High Fidelity - 'Destiny'
2.High Fidelity - 'Magic Carpet'
3.Joyce Jones & Velma Jones - 'Queen Constance Theme'
4.Joyce Jones - 'Remember Me'
5.Kim Taylor - 'Stump Your Feet & Dance (Vocal)'
6.Kim Taylor - 'Stump Your Feet & Dance (Instrumental)'
7.Licky - 'African Rock (Version 1)'
8.Licky - 'African Rock (Version 2)'
9.Little Scotty - 'Going To A Disco To-Night'
10.Little Scotty - 'Going To A Disco To-Night (Instrumental)'
11.LJ Waiter - 'Hook On Your Line'
12.LJ Waiter - 'Hook On Your Line (Instrumental)'
Disc 13: CD Thirteen
1.Marvin Wright - 'Robot Dance'
2.Marvin Wright - 'Funky Phantom'
3.Scott Davis and The Movements - 'New York Apple Jack (Vocal)'
4.Scott Davis and The Movements - 'Looking Out (Vocal)'
5.Scott Davis and The Movements - 'A Better Place'
6.Scott Davis and The Movements - 'New York Apple Jack (Instrumental)'
7.Scott Davis and The Movements - 'Looking Out (Instrumental)'
8.Sweet G - 'Boogie Feelin' Rap'
9.Sweet G - 'Boogie Feelin' Rap (Instrumental)'
10.Queen Constance Band - 'Searching For My Lover'
Disc 14: CD Fourteen
1.Wayne Ford - 'Dance To The Beat Freakout'
2.Wayne Ford - 'The Best Thing In Life'
3.Sicle Cell & Rhapazooty - 'Rhapzooty In Blue (Vocal)'
4.Sicle Cell & Rhapazooty - 'Rhapzooty In Blue (Instrumental)'
5.Eddie Owen - 'I Wanna Keep Somebody Happy'
6.Eddie Owen - 'Determination'
7.Eddie Owen - 'Alone'
8.Eddie Owen - 'Mrs M'
9.Eddie Owen - 'Shake Off That Dream'
10.Chain Reaction - 'Dance Freak'
11.Little Scotty - 'Acid Freak'
Disc 15: CD Fifteen
1.Little Scotty - 'Shout At the Disco'
2.Little Scotty - 'Roll At Disco'
3.Little Scotty - 'I Want To Dance'
4.Rudy Stuart - 'Get Down'
5.Rudy Stuart - 'One and Only Lover'
6.Scoopy - 'A Scoopy Rap'
7.Willie Wood & Willie Wood Crew - 'Willie Rap'
8.Jesse Gee - 'Let's Do It'
9.Karisma - 'Got You Dancing (Vocal)' (feat. Jocelyn Brown)
10.Karisma - 'Got You Dancing (Instrumental)' (feat. Jocelyn Brown)
11.Tuf MCs - 'Jingle Beat'
12.Two Hype - 'Hip Shaker (Vocal)'
13.Two Hype - 'Hip Shaker (Instrumental)'

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