Cut Chemist - Outro (Revisited) 12" Single

Cut Chemist - Outro (Revisited) 12" SingleCut Chemist
Label: A Stable Sound
Year: 2012
Price: $10.95
Format: Vinyl

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This was the first single from a Cut Chemist album advertised in 2012 as coming soon. It's called Outro (Revisited) featuring Blackbird. These two have come together to create a new song that delivers a much different texture than his past catalogue. ''It's much more punk than anything I've ever done before,'' says Cut. Outro also features live drums played by Deantoni Parks (John Cale, Meshell Ndegeochello, Mars Volta) and L.A.'s own Lonnie Marshall (Marshall Law, Weapon Of Choice) on bass. Cut as usual, blends these live instruments with samples so seamlessly that you can't tell the difference between the two. For the hip hop purist, his skills behind the turntables still play a roll here as there is a fierce scratch section at the end that will please any DJ entusiast.

This maxi single also features instrumental, scratchapella and bonus beat versions of the song along with an authentic half time dub that will destroy sound systems across the globe.

''In world of safe music, Outro breaks all the rules and will cause listeners to question why this song hasn't already happened.'' - Cut Chemist

1.Outro (Revisited) (feat. Blackbird)
2.Outro (Revisited) (Instrumental)
3.Outro Dub
4.Beats and Scratches

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