Infinito 2017 - Conquest of the More v.2 CD

Infinito 2017 - Conquest of the More v.2 CDInfinito 2017
Label: Joe Left Hand Records
Year: 2012
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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Thought provoking timeless music that's sure to make you think. The combination of positive Chicago South Side emcee Infinito 2017 and Senegalese / New Orleans Producer The Geaux by way of Paris, France, brings you classic poetical musical teachings over a variety of sounds that are sure to please the listener. This is the type of music that makes you want to make a difference in life. The backdrop of this album is free thought mixed in with innercity overtones reminiscent of Gil Scott Heron's warm tenors over drums. Visual Artist / Emcee/ Filmmaker Marcellous Lovelace better known to music listeners as Infinito 2017 touches on multiple topics inside his epilogue styled writing that doubles as a published book of poetry. The production is high energy and very narrative like handled by The Geaux who uses kicks and snares similar to Chick Webb mixed with Clyde Stubblefield on this epic adventure in sound. Recorded in Paris France on a recent World Tour.

Produced by The Geaux.

1.Away From Yesterday
2.Don't Do This To Yourself (Don't Do It)
3.Fading Circle
4.My Side of Authentic
5.Not To Care Is Unforgivable
6.Permanent Stains On the Utensils (Burnt Toast Early)
7.Space Only Used To Fortify Feelings
8.Still Watch Who You Let Rent Space In Your Mind
9.The Magic Button
10.N1 (feat. Thaione Davis)

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