Various Artists - Project Mooncircle 10th 4xLP

Various Artists - Project Mooncircle 10th 4xLPVarious Artists
Label: Project Mooncircle
Year: 2012
Price: $64.95
Format: Vinyl

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Project: Mooncircle, as the name reveals, has been on a journey to the moon since day one, exploring the frontiers of music and art, always looking for new discoveries and giving a different perspective to look at the earth. In its 10 year history the label has published roughly 100 releases by equally as many artists from all corners of this globe and, therefore, the selection of sounds on this compilation represents the development of the label from the past, present and going into the future.

Some of the artists featured on this compilation have been a part of the label from its very beginning, like CYNE, Manuvers and Jahbitat, whose song will be the last one he produced and published under this moniker, while others, like Robot Koch, fLako and Long Arm, are outstanding examples of its growing popularity and success. Furthermore, the box also features an exceptional selection of close musical friends and inspirational artists like Jehst, Dday One, Kwala and Ichiro_, just to name a few.

The logo and artwork represent someone who was very close to the label, especially in the early years but unfortunately passed on and whom this box is dedicated to. Featured on the compilation are artists such as Mike Slott x Diane Badie, CYNE, Sweatson Klank aka Take, Jahbitat, Robot Koch, fLako, Jehst, Beat Butcha, Long Arm, Kelpe, Pavel Dovgal, Blossom, Daisuke Tanabe, Dday One, Inner Science, Substantial, Arts The Beatdoctor, Rain Dog, Kidkanevil + Microkorg by Dorian Concept, John Robinson, Sorrow, Rumpistol, The Red Baron, Christoph El' Truento, 40 Winks, Sina., 1000Names, DZA, Ichiro_, EAN, Tom Dicicco, Headshotboyz, Graciela Maria, Gards From KC, Sekuoia of Kilimanjaro, Sense of The Q4, Sneaky, I.V.A., Empt, John LaMonica, Mike Gao, Bambooman, Manuvers, Krts, Kwala, Soosh, Memotone, Sun Glitters, Called Understandable Souls & Szenario.

The limited box includes 2 white & 2 black vinyl LP's with 32 tracks, 13 additional digital bonus tracks and a poster (with digital download code) all in a specially designed box that features a special light-reflecting varnish, which makes this truly a collectors and music lovers item.

Please note: due to the weight of this box set there may be an additional shipping charge, depending on the shipping address and class of mail for your order. We will contact you for approval of any extra charges before shipping.

Produced by Beat Butcha (track 1); D. Rojo Guerra (2); S.J.H.Vermolen (3); Sasha Kholenko (4); Christoph El' Truento (5); Memotone & Soosh (6); Pavel Dovgal (7); Daisuke Tanabe (8); Robot Koch (9, 13, 46); Mike Slott (10); Samuel Evans (11); Sorrow (12); Sun Glitters (14); Patrick Madsen (15); Krts Hairston (16); Georgy Kotunov (17); Padmo & Weedy (18); Udeze Ukwuoma (19); Daliel T. Wils (20); Jethro Hopmanns (21); Ichiro_ (22); Jim Coles (23); Ian Carter (24); 1000Names (25); Simon A Williams (26); Barry Gordon (27); Dimitri Kuster (28); Sweatson Klank (29); Jens B. Christiansen (30); G. Roberts and O. Johnson (31); John LaMonica (32); Tom Diccico (33); Headshotboyz (34); Mike Gao (35); Kel McKeown (36); Bambooman (37); Masumi Nishimura (38); Lukasz Czajewski (39); Riel & KNWLDG Qual (40); Empt (41); Kwala (42); Szenario (43); Speck & Enoch (44); Pancho D. Pablo (45). Cello by Sneaky (track 17).

1.Jehst - 'Australian'
2.fLako - 'Jekyll & Pride'
3.Arts the Beatdoctor - 'Ghost In the Machine'
4.DZA - 'Wind Waker'
5.Christoph El' Truento - 'Closer'
6.Memoosh (Memotone & Soosh) - 'Part. I'
7.Pavel Dovgal - 'Koa'
8.Daisuke Tanabe - 'Water Colour'
9.Robot Robinson (Robot Koch & John Robinson) - 'Wave'
10.Mike Slott x Diane Badie - 'Nightingale'
11.Rain Dog - 'Spatial Separations'
12.Sorrow - 'Distant Recall'
13.Robot Koch - 'Serve'
14.Sun Glitters - 'Insane'
15.Sekuoia of Kilimanjaro - 'Dissapear'
16.Krts - 'Heartache'
17.Long Arm - 'Gika Gika' (feat. Sneaky / I.V.A.)
18.40 Winks - 'Only Love'
19.Dday One - 'Aquarius'
20.Sense of The Q4 - 'Burned Bridges'
21.Kratos Himself - 'Lonely Ride'
22.Ichiro_ - 'Kaedematsushima'
23.Om Unit - 'Naiad'
24.EAN - 'Pictarus'
25.1000Names - 'Take Ur Time'
26.Jahbitat (aka Sunny Graves) - 'Resonant Wood Temple'
27.Sina. - 'Feels Like Home'
28.Gards from KC - 'Next Cycle'
29.Sweatson Klank (fka Take) - 'It's All In Your Head'
30.Rumpistol & The Red Baron - 'I'm Not Listening'
31.Kidkanevil - 'Sofuckinfrightnin'
32.John LaMonica - 'Stereo Claws'
33.Tom Diccico - 'Future Fiction'
34.Headshotboyz - 'Calypso'
35.Mike Gao - 'Amsterdame'
36.Kelpe - 'Red Berries'
37.Bambooman - 'Lost Highway'
38.Inner Science - 'See'
39.Blossom - 'Tiffkas'
40.Called Understandable Souls - 'Can't Stop'
41.Empt - 'Bleak'
42.Kwala - 'Ghost Bellows'
43.Szenario - 'Magic Shop'
44.Cyne - 'Jakob Ladder' (feat. Substantial)
45.Manuvers - 'Song For You' (feat. Phresh James / QuESt)
46.Graciela Maria - 'Last Place'

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