Various Artists - CamoBear Green DVD+CD

Various Artists - CamoBear Green DVD+CDVarious Artists
Label: CamoBear Records
Year: 2012
Price: $10.95
Format: DVD+CD

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15 videos and 20 tracks from the first 10 year of CamoBear Records!

Disc 1: CamoBear Green DVD
1.ZZBRA - 'Green'
2.Snak the Ripper - 'Crush Brews' (feat. Evil Ebenezer)
3.Josh Martinez - 'Going Back To Hali' (feat. Classified / Skratch Bastid)
4.Josh Martinez - 'Underground Pop' (feat. Moka Only)
5.Widows Creek - 'In My Car'
6.Sapient - 'Diamond Snares'
7.Evil Ebenezer - 'Days Of Our Lives'
8.Snak the Ripper - 'Fear Of A Snak Planet'
9.Chicharones - 'Breaking Point'
10.The Lytics - 'Last Bit (Lovely Words)'
11.Josh Martinez - 'Trickle Down Trauma'
12.Evil Ebenezer - 'Take Me With You'
13.Evil Ebenezer - 'Ghostbusters'
14.Josh Martinez - 'Responsibility' (feat. Evil Ebenezer)
15.Josh Martinez - 'Underground Pop Remix' (feat. Moka Only)
Disc 2: CamoBear Green CD
1.ZZBRA - 'Green'
2.Chicharones - 'Pork Rind Disco'
3.Josh Martinez - 'Underground Pop' (feat. Moka Only)
4.Snak the Ripper - 'What's Street'
5.Evil Ebenezer - 'Liquor Store'
6.Sapient - 'Diamond Snares'
7.The Lytics - 'Last Bit (Lovely Words)'
8.Chicharones - 'Little By Little'
9.Tachichi - 'Real In the Field' (feat. Kaleb Simmonds)
10.Evil Ebenezer - 'Take Me With You'
11.Josh Martinez - 'Just A Dood'
12.Moka Only - 'Ask Me Why / Ended For Me'
13.The Gigantics - 'The Explanation' (feat. Aesop Rock)
14.Brass Tackz - 'October Skies'
15.Snak the Ripper - 'Dead and Gone'
16.Sleep - 'Say Goodbye' (feat. Zelly Rock)
17.Young Sin - 'Old School'
18.Evil Ebenezer - 'I'm Leaving'
19.We Stain Porcelain - 'Artificial Intelligence'
20.Josh Martinez - 'BC Trees'

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