Mike James Kirkland - Don't Sell Your Soul 2xLP

Mike James Kirkland - Don't Sell Your Soul 2xLPMike James Kirkland
Label: Luv N' Haight
Year: 2011
Price: $19.95
Format: Vinyl

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Before the release of his seminal, socially-conscious, 1972 soul album, Hang On In There, a young Mike James Kirkland released a number of singles as Mike and The Censations. Despite being offered a record deal by Curtis Mayfield, eventually making a deal with MCA, and selling in excess of 50,000+ singles, Mike and the Censations never released an album and never fully realized their potential. Here for the first time are all of his early-releases, along with some unreleased gems discovered on tapes as this project was being researched. Pigeon-holed as a doo-wop group by one of their early labels, Mike and The Censations fought to battle that image. In doing so they made a unique blend of soul, funk, and even jazz-influenced tunes, occasionally sneaking in an up-tempo number on a B-side. Their doo-wop tunes were pretty damn amazing too, dripping in soul and becoming big favorites of the low-rider scene. Please note: the 2xCD box set and the 2xLP both have tracks that are not on the other format. You need both to get all tracks.

1.Victim of Circumstance Part 1
2.Don't Mess With Me
3.There's Nothing I Can Do About It
4.I Need Your Lovin
5.Be Mine Forever
6.Don't Sell Your Soul
7.Baby What Are You Gonna Do
8.Split Personality
9.You're Living A Lie
10.Shopping For Love
11.The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back
12.Gonna Try To Get You Back
13.A Man Ain't Nothing But A Man
14.Victim of Circumstance Part 2
15.Feeling In My Heart
16.I Need Your Love
17.Strut On
18.Love Is Back
19.Whirlin' Around

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