Mike James Kirkland - Don't Sell Your Soul 2xCD

Mike James Kirkland - Don't Sell Your Soul 2xCDMike James Kirkland
Label: Luv N' Haight
Year: 2011
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Format: CD

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Before the release of his seminal, socially-conscious, 1972 soul album, Hang On In There, a young Mike James Kirkland released a number of singles as Mike and The Censations. Despite being offered a record deal by Curtis Mayfield, eventually making a deal with MCA, and selling in excess of 50,000+ singles, Mike and the Censations never released an album and never fully realized their potential. Here for the first time are all of his early-releases, along with some unreleased gems discovered on tapes as this project was being researched. Pigeon-holed as a doo-wop group by one of their early labels, Mike and The Censations fought to battle that image. In doing so they made a unique blend of soul, funk, and even jazz-influenced tunes, occasionally sneaking in an up-tempo number on a B-side. Their doo-wop tunes were pretty damn amazing too, dripping in soul and becoming big favorites of the low-rider scene. Please note: the 2xCD box set and the 2xLP both have tracks that are not on the other format. You need both to get all tracks.

Disc 1: Mike and The Censations
1.Victim of Circumstance Part 1
2.Don't Mess With Me
3.There's Nothing I Can Do About It
4.I Need Your Lovin
5.Be Mine Forever
6.Don't Sell Your Soul
7.Baby What Are You Gonna Do
8.Split Personality
9.You're Living A Lie
10.Shopping For Love
11.The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back
12.Gonna Try To Get You Back
13.A Man Ain't Nothing But A Man
14.Victim of Circumstance Part 2
Disc 2: Hang On In There & Doin' It Right
1.What Have We Done
2.Where's The Soul Of Man?
3.Hang On In There
4.Baby I Need Your Loving
5.Give It To Me
6.Blota Blota
7.You're Gonna Share Your Love
8.It's Alright With Me
9.The Prophet
11.Love Is
12.Got To Do It Right
13.It's Too Late
14.O Me O My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)
15.You Put It On My Mind
16.Doin' It Right
17.Love Is All We Need
18.Love Insurance
19.The Only Change

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