Murs - Love & Rockets Vol. 1 CD

Murs - Love & Rockets Vol. 1 CDMurs
Label: DD172
Year: 2011
Price: $10.95
Format: CD

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Brand new from one of the hardest-working rappers out there. These days people will come into Access and be stoked to see posters or cd's by Murs, and when you strike up conversation with them it's not uncommon for these new fans of his to not know about Living Legends. Even as Murs' popularity continues to grow beyond the underground and way past his Living Legends days, he still carries with him that burden of hunger and work ethic that all underground rappers have experienced when they've been in it for as long as he has. I believe this is something that continues to drive him. If he's not running circles around America as part of Paid Dues, the annual Hip Hop festival that Murs created and organized, he's doing backflips across a stage in Budapest, or shaking hands with fans in Japan before catching a bullet train to a packed in-store performance. When he's not on the road, he's in the studio, feverishly adding album after album to a cavernous discography like Varsity Blues 2 and Melrose with Terrace Martin. From the rhymes in his notepad to the hair on his head, Murs has made it a point to distance himself from being your ordinary, everyday ''average rapper.'' Hell, he's not your average guy. Never has been. Listening to Murs is something like listening to a regular guy who just happens to know how to rap. His lyrics are straightforward, down-to-earth, and honest. Love & Rockets is produced by Ski aka Ski Beatz, responsible for most of the best beats on Camp Lo's Uptown Saturday Night and Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt, amongst others. Featuring OC, Tabi Bonney and Locksmith.

Produced by Ski Beatz

1.Epic Salutations
2.Remember 2 Forget
3.67 Cutlass
5.Hip Hop and Love (feat. Tabi Bonney)
7.S-k-i-b-e-a-t-z (feat. Locksmith)
8.Westside Love
9.Life and Time (feat. AB-Soul / OC)
10.Reach Hire
11.Dream On (feat. Dee-1)
12.316 Ways
13.Animal Style

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