Blu - Open CD

Blu - Open CDBlu
Label: Nature Sounds
Year: 2011
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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A Blu-As-Producer album featuring 14 tracks highlighting some hand picked up-and-comers on the mic over Blu produced beats! While the buzz around Blu has continued to grow, one aspect of the L.A. rapper's artistry has been overlooked: he's also becoming one of hip-hop's best up-and-coming producers. Since his early work with producers Exile, Ta'Raach, and Mainframe, Blu has turned to creating his own soundscapes, crafting the entire Her Favorite Colo(u)r project, as well as Sene's A Day Late And A Dollar Short, and a handful of standouts on the recently released Jesus. Now, he's putting his beats on full display, with Open. Originally posted online as an instrumental set, Open has been transformed into a full-fledged album. Johnson Barnes and his gang of like-minded MCs laid vocals to every track, making this a brand new collection with Blu making two appearances! (The original label publicity says that the album contained the instrumentals via enclosed download card. Unfortunately this appears to have been a mistake by their marketing department.)

Produced by Blu.

1.Just Lee - 'Point Blank'
2.Da1 - 'Good Gracious'
3.Blu - 'Steel Remains (Raw)'
4.Aaron Smartz - 'Gotta Be Free'
5.ScienZe & Versis - 'Taking The Day Off'
6.Chop & Fresh Daily - 'Part Time Suckas'
7.Blu & Sene - 'Avenge Of The Cheap Ass'
8.Dtail & Definite - 'Remember Me'
9.Tribe Of Levi - 'The Dance'
10.Ms Guiterrez - 'Ooh Child'
11.Micah - 'The Botton'
12.Esmeralda Starlett - 'Brown Sucre'
13.The End (Inst.)
14.South Broad - 'Twenty Seven'

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