Eligh & Amp Live - Therapy At 3 CD

Eligh & Amp Live - Therapy At 3 CDEligh & Amp Live
Label: Legendary Music
Year: 2011
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Format: CD

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Full-length collaboration with Eligh on the rhymes and Amp Live on the beats. The album title was inspired by the duo's unconstrained and unformatted recording process. Viewed as therapy sessions, the format allowed Eligh to write each song free form, spilling whatever was on his mind. Amp Live delivers powerful sonic backdrops infusing the boom-bap ethos of independent hip hop with tinges of electronic music, mixed with live instrumentation, all rounded out with an edgy aesthetic. Eligh says, ''His production is so sick to me, and I'm a beat snob! I've always produced the majority of all my music, so to have someone as talented as Amp handle all the production, I got to focus on writing even more than usual.''

Produced by Amp Live.

2.First Contact
4.Destination Unknown (feat. The Grouch / Zumbi (Zion I))
5.Stethescope (feat. Basik)
6.Devil's Medicine
7.Beautiful Addiction (feat. Grieves / Blake Hazard)
9.Tattoo Song
10.Ms. Meteor (feat. Steve Knight)
11.Stop Running
12.What's In A Name
13.Ego Killer (feat. Inspired Flight)
14.L.A. Dreamers (feat. Busdriver)

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:D, February 28, 2012
By: ihrtELIGH - See all my reviews

I don't know what was better. The CD was amazing but you live is always mindblowing. Saw you in san diego at soundwave and at access as well.
This CD is crazy and the rap at the end of STOP RUNNING is sick as hell. It starts at 03:26
Eligh performed it separately in diego. Some people who don't listen to the beat, the feeling of the song, and the ENTIRE thing didn't know it was there FOR sure
I was rapping along up top it felt good. and he signed the remastered as they pass for me, so Thanks man. Always polite n kind and in it all for the music:)

THERAPY at 3 , December 15, 2011
By: xblue_star - See all my reviews

This is one of those albums that I had to listen to at least 5 times before I really started feeling it. But once you really start "hearing" it I gets really good. It kind of slows down a little bit and you can understand it better the more times you listen to it. That's what I like about this music. All the beats are so dope I honestly couldn't pick one to call my favorite. The beats are THAT SICK, seriously. Eligh's lyrics are sick and deserve plenty of attention and praise, but I don't know if any lyrics could keep up with the beats on this album. If you like Eligh's previous stuff, you'll definitely like this.

Something different, November 25, 2011
By: kayaman - See all my reviews

I was lucky enough to pick this up @ The Airliner for the Therapy At 3 album release show. At first when I listened to it I was not that much into it. I had to understand that Amp Live's style has changed over the years and I can not expect to hear "Mind Over Matter" kind of beats anymore. After a couple listens it grew on me and it's not that bad. I would give it a 3.5/5 but that's just me. A lot of electronic kind of beats. Stethescope is dope!

You doubted?, November 16, 2011
By: teknic - See all my reviews

Too often people will collaborate together in the music industry and it just never comes through like the listener is expecting... IMO, this album actually meets the expectations ... Eligh and Amp Live.. sheeit.. ya, its dope.

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