Mad Skillz - From Where??? (re-issue) CD

Mad Skillz - From Where??? (re-issue) CDMad Skillz
Label: Traffic Ent. Group
Year: 2011
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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Pound-for-pound, Mad Skillz may be one of the most underrated emcees of all time. On his more recent releases he's been going by just ''Skillz,'' but in the early 90s the Virginia native earned a reputation for dropping incredible freestyles littered with punchlines and witty references, which eventually led to a recording contract with Atlantic Records in 1995. His debut album ''From Where???'' was released the following year, and despite being overlooked by mainstream audiences, it remains amongst his best work as a solo artist. His prodigious talents attracted some of the era's best producers to the project, including Buckwild, Jay Dee (J Dilla), The Beatnuts and Large Professor. Led by the single ''The Nod Factor,'' ''From Where???'' served as a display of Skillz's verbal dexterity and spontaneous creativity on the mic. ''From Where???'' is an essential title in any hip-hop collection.

Produced by Mad Skillz (tracks 1, 5); Jay Dee (J Dilla) (2, 11); The Beatnuts (3); Buckwild (4, 6, 10); Nick Wiz (7); Large Pro (8); Clark Kent (12); Shawn J Period (13, 14, 16)Ez Elpee (15). Scratches by Roc Raida (2); Psycho Les (3); DJ Riz (14, 16).

1.From Where??? Intro
2.It's Going' Down
3.The Nod Factor
4.VA In The House (feat. Kalonji The Immortal)
5.Tongues of the Next Shit
6.Doin' Time In the Cypha
7.Tip of the Tongue
8.Extra Abstract Skillz (feat. Large Pro / Q-Tip)
9.WMAD (Interlude)
10.Get Your Groove On
11.The Jam
12.Move Ya Body (feat. Khim Davis)
13.Street Rules
14.All In It
15.Unseen World (feat. Dr. Mindbenda / Javon The Medieval / Kalonji The Immortal / Lil' Roc / Lonnie B.)
16.Inherit The World

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