Nick Wiz - Cellar Sounds v2: 1992-98 2xCD

Nick Wiz - Cellar Sounds v2: 1992-98 2xCDNick Wiz
Label: No Sleep Recordings
Year: 2011
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Format: CD

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Once again Hip-Hop mainstay and underground veteran, Nick Wiz, shares his vast catalog of both rare and unreleased productions. Wiz first impacted the early 90's Hip-Hop scene with his beat contributions to Ecko Unlimited's ''Underground Airplay'' cassette series and The Cella Dwellas' classic ''Realms and Reality'' album. From there his unique fusion of filters, horns, smacking SP-1200 drums and dense bass- lines were soon heard on projects from Mad Skillz, Darc Mind, Chubb Rock, Chino XL, Rakim and others. With this influx of production work coming his way, Nick's New Jersey studio, appropriately named ''The Cellar'', was constantly flooded with both Hip-Hop's elite talent and the best of the 90's underground scene as well. While a lot of the material produced and recorded by Wiz found its way to full-length CD releases, countless other tracks were unreleased, relegated to vinyl bootlegs and 12'' only versions, or cassette only. In 2008, No Sleep Recordings finally got Nick Wiz to pull out his original DAT tapes and un-vault forty-four gems! ''Cellar Sounds'' Vol.1 succeeded in exciting underground heads everywhere; many of whom had long been searching to own these tracks in CD quality. Of course, Volume 1 naturally created a demand for a follow-up, and now in 2011, we proudly present Volume 2! Digging even deeper, Nick compiled forty-one additional vintage recordings, the majority of which have never been released! Spanning from Wiz's early recordings in 1992 to his zenith in 1998, this is a true time-capsule of the Nineties underground Hip-Hop sound; presented in perfect digital quality! Part four of the ''For Those That Slept'' series.

Disc 1: Disc One
1.Ran Reed - 'Top Choice' (1995)
2.UG (Cella Dwellas) - 'What U Want?' (1998) (feat. D.V. Alias Khrist)
3.Miilkbone - 'This One Or That One' (1993)
4.Shabaam Sahdeeq - 'Everybody Raps' (1996)
5.Nautilus - 'Somthin' To Listen To' (1995)
6.Ran Reed - '10 P.M.' (1996) (feat. Rakaa (Dilated Peoples))
7.N-Tyce - 'Let 'Em Know' (1992)
8.Shadowz In Da Dark - 'Shadow Boxing (Demo Pass)' (1994)
9.Tross - 'Record Company People Are Shady' (1998)
10.Pudgee - 'Sells'
11.Ran Reed - 'Cops Did The Shooting' (1996)
12.Shadowz In Da Dark - 'Curb High' (1993)
13.Hitman (Ran Reed) - 'Rock On' (1994)
14.195 - 'It's A Hit' (1997)
15.Ran Reed - 'Catch A Bad One' (1996)
16.Shabaam Sahdeeq - 'Styles Upon Styles' (1995)
17.Rich Nice - 'Feel The Vibe' (1992)
18.Hitman (Ran Reed) - 'Charles Mack' (1993)
19.Unknown Artists - 'My Favorite Things' (1996)
20.Ran Reed - 'Rugged Feel' (1996)
21.Lord Have Mercy - 'Ice Cream' (1994)
Disc 2: Disc Two
1.Rakim - 'Milk & Honey' (2000)
2.Hitman (Ran Reed) - 'All Over The Block' (1993)
3.Ran Reed - 'That Ain't Right' (1997)
4.Miilkbone - 'You Can't Harm Me' (1993)
5.Shabaam Sahdeeq - 'On A Mission' (1996)
6.Ran Reed - 'Get My Flow On' (feat. Baybe)
7.Nautilus - 'Contact' (1994)
8.Black Sun - 'Journey Thru' (1993)
9.N-Tyce - 'If It Ain't Me' (1992)
10.Shadowz In Da Dark - '11:45' (1995)
11.Ran Reed - 'Big Shot' (1996)
12.Emskee - 'How I Get Down' (1994)
13.Shabaam Sahdeeq - 'Original Man' (1993)
14.Native Assassins - 'Bounce, Come On!' (1993)
15.Ran Reed - 'Deep Into The Text' (1996)
16.UG (Cella Dwellas) - 'My Nigga' (1998)
17.Sinister Voicez - 'Sinsez' (1995)
18.Hitman (Ran Reed) - 'Real Niggas' (1994)
19.Native Assassins - 'Hardcore' (1992)
20.Mad House - 'POW!' (1992)

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