Acid Reign - Diversity CD

Acid Reign - Diversity CDAcid Reign
Label: Uncommon Records
Year: 2011
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Format: CD

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Brand new album from Acid Reign out on Nasa's Uncommon Records! Project Blowedians, Gajah and Beond's first since 2006's Time and Change!

Tracks 1,2,7,13 and 16 Produced by EQ. Track 3 Produced by Re4M. Track 4 Produced by Biz 1. Track 5 Produeced by Brazini. Track 6 Produced by Deaf Switch. Track 8 Produced by Scorpioflo. Track 9 Produced by Da Poet. Track 10 Produced by DJ Casey. Track Produced by Bornagen Baldwin. Track 12 Produced by Nasa. Track 14 Produced by Nathaniel Eras & Dakad. Track 15 Produced by Chrono Triggers. Artwork by Michael Gerchak.

1.We Do It All (feat. Myk Mansun / DJ Ethos)
2.The Man
3.Adrenaline Shot (feat. Express / Re4M)
4.Total Control
5.Love Vs. Hate  (feat. EQ)
6.People Take Charge  (feat. Olmeca)
8.Devil's Talk (feat. Graves)
10.Kiss Ass (feat. DJ Casey)
11.Fantastic 4 (feat. Neila / Myka 9 (Mikah 9) )
12.Own Path (feat. Olmeca)
13.Hope In His Eyes (feat. Lyricon)
14.Creme De La Blowed (feat. NgaFsh / Aceyalone / Rifle Man / Olmeca / Abstract Rude / Myka 9 (Mikah 9))
15.Rise of The Machines
16.Creme De La Blowed (Remix)

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They did it again!!!, June 17, 2011
By: raw sewey - See all my reviews

Acid Reign never cease to amaze!
Ever since Time & Change I've been waiting for their new release to drop, Diversity is everything I hoped for and more. This is a must have for all you Hip Hop heads who love fun, witty word play, clever concepts and hard knocking beats. Plus it features some true West coast heavyweights!!! *****

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