Walter Gross & Andy Ben - Endure Your Road (+VHS) Cassette

Walter Gross & Andy Ben - Endure Your Road (+VHS) CassetteWalter Gross & Andy Ben
Label: Now...This Records
Year: 2011
Price: $14.95
Format: Cassette

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Leave it to Walter Gross to release a VHS tape! That's right, fans out there, you'd better go to a landfill and dig up a VCR to catch what's on this visual aid to the 30 minute audio cassette of cut up noise and low-fi junk. Furthering his penchant for unconventional soundbytes arranged into structured compositions, he enlists the talent of fellow room mate, circuit bender, & frequent collaborator Andy Ben in providing a large chunk of the sound palette. Once again, accompanying this cassette is a VHS tape featuring filmclips for a selection of past, present & future tracks. All clips were compiled by Walter Gross, constructed from an array of archival footage treated in much the same chaotic manner as the audio that compliments it. We have the VHS in NTSC format; PAL is available from Now...This! Records (Australia).

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