Maker & Joe Beats - Falcon By Design LP

Maker & Joe Beats - Falcon By Design LPMaker & Joe Beats
Label: Fieldwerk Recordings
Year: 2011
Price: $15.95
Format: Vinyl

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Maker hails from just outside Chicago in Aurora, Il. Over the past 13 years his production credits have run the full scale of independent Hip Hop. See: instrumental collections like ''Shooting The Breeze'' and ''Maker vs. Now-Again'', a collaboration with Grayskul in ''Graymaker'', 3 albums with emcee Qwel, and as sole producer of the trio Glue. Throughout his career the expansion upon Maker's trademark style has been supreme. His versatility in sample selection is only matched by a consistent richness in mood. Emotive but tough, his sound is a clean maze of deep layering met with bone crushing drums.

Joe Beats is from Providence, RI. He is most known for his efforts as sole producer for the duo, Non-Prophets. Since then he has produced instrumental releases (Diverse Recourse, 2007), remix projects (Indie Rock Blues, 2005), and other collaborations as executive producer (Joey Beats & Blak, 2010). His sound is purely sample based; filtered bass mixed with heavy breaks. The style is a nod to hip hop's beats of the past with a modern twist. The result is a raw, hazy, hard, lo-fi headnod.

Together Maker and Joe Beats split contributions on the exclusive Fieldwerk Recordings LP, Falcon By Design. Maker's side is a continuous mix furthering his theme of evolving depth with beautifully composed, carefully constructed instrumentals. He builds not only from song to song but from past work in his extensive catalog. On the flip, Joe Beats does the opposite. Unashamed, Joe ''stays home'' and presses on with what he is known for best, beats. His selections are unadorned and thick, revealing the true priority list of hip hop leveling. Limited red vinyl!

1.Maker - 'Jawbonafide'
2.Maker - 'Everything Ends'
3.Maker - 'Owner'
4.Maker - 'Yap In My Lap'
5.Maker - 'Clocks'
6.Joe Beats - 'Seldon Seem'
7.Joe Beats - 'Park'
8.Joe Beats - 'Blunted Lapdance
9.Joe Beats - 'Spring'
10.Joe Beats - 'Korla Was Black'

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