Shabazz Palaces - Black Up LP

Shabazz Palaces - Black Up LPShabazz Palaces
Label: Sub Pop Records
Year: 2011
Price: $17.95
Format: Vinyl

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Shabazz Palaces is the newest project of Ishmael ''Butterfly'' Butler of the Digable Planets as he takes on the new moniker Palaceer Lazaro as he tried to keep the project secret of his true identity and let the music do the talking. Based in a lot of genres, you hear all kinds of influences in the beats, from hip hop to electronic, reggae to world beat, with spiritual, political and philosophical poetics from the jazzy emcee featuring guest vocalist THEESatisfaction. Unfortunately not much else is known about the other members involved in production and instrumentation on the project, but if you've been wondering what Butterfly has been up to then you'll definitely find this shit pretty interesting..

1.Free Press and Curl
2.An Echo From the Hosts That Profess Infinitum
3.Are You... Can You... Were You? (Felt)
4.A Treatease Dedicated to The Avian Airess from North East Nubis (1000 questions, 1 answer)
6.Endeavors for Never (The last time we spoke you said you were not here. I saw you though.)
7.Recollections of the Wraith
8.The King's New Clothes Were Made By His Own Hands
9.Yeah You
10.Swerve... The Reeping of All That Is Worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)

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