Undergods - In Gods We Trust CD

Undergods - In Gods We Trust CDUndergods
Label: RBC Records
Year: 2011
Price: $18.95
Format: CD

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Canibus was once credited as one of the best lyrical freestyle rappers and has few equals when it comes to spitting off the dome. His first album ''Can-I-Bus'' still remains a classic. After his rise in the last 90's, he was still known in the mainstream's rear view at least and popular in the underground thanks to a re-emergence of better material in the latter half of the last decade. Keith Murray, a legend in his own right, broke out on to the scene nearly 20 years ago and has continued to be a mainstay since. After releasing his debut album in 1994, The Most Beautifulest Thing In The World, Murray joined Erick Sermon and Redman as a member for The Def Squad. Coming together several years ago, these titans of the underground formed ''The Undergods'' and released an EP on iTunes with the intent on it being a one off side project. But after receiving acclaim from both critics and the fans, Canibus and Murray returned to the studio to turn what was initially a side project, into a full fledged album. The result is 18 tracks of pure fire featuring Tech N9ne, Crooked I, Erick Sermon, Planet Asia & Jake One. With this self titled LP, The Undergods look to fulfill their motto: ''In Gods We Trust, Crush Microphones To Dust''.

Produced by DJ Absurd (track 1); Amadeus (2, 13); Shuko (3, 12); Jake One (4); Erick Sermon (5, 7, 8, 14); Godz Wrath (6); JP Beats (9); Bronze Nazareth (10); Beat Butcha (11); Da Beatminerz (15); Ziko & Vherbal (16); Gordo (17); Sickness and Ill Image (18).

1.Enter the Adonai (Intro)
2.Rock Wit Us (feat. Planet Asia)
3.No Brainer
4.Undergods Roll
6.Freestyle A Chorus
7.The Guilty Will Pay (feat. Crooked I / Erick Sermon)
8.Stop Frontin
9.Follow El Shaddai
10.Supreme Lyrical Beings (Interlude)
11.Show Em What Crazy Is (feat. Tech N9ne)
12.Torsion Fields
13.We Blakout Too
14.Gotta Be Real (feat. Urban Rose)
15.The Princes of Persia
16.Secret Weapons
17.Rise of the Machines
18.Tetragrammaton God (Bonus Track) (feat. Born Sun / Joe the Butcher)

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