Various Artists - Follow The Leaders CD

Various Artists - Follow The Leaders CDVarious Artists
Label: Firehouse Sound Labs
Year: 2011
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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Dope new compilation from budding West Coast label Firehouse Sound Labs! This one's got it all as it features West Coast undergrounders and hip hop greats pairing people like Azma with Phil Tha Agony, Destruct and Beond with 2MEX, Spleen with Inspectah Deck and Big Noyd, KDub with Planet Asia, and Law with Prince PO. Also featuringCrooked I, Styliztik Jones, EQ, Cappadonna, Reef The Lost Cauze, Sha Stimuli, Mistah Fab and more.

Produced by Lisn (track 1); Asterix (3 & 7); Fundament (4); Nab H24 Prod (5 & 16); The Hit Farmers (6); Ill2lectual (9); Jazimoto (11); Patchilla (12); G. Rocka (13); Adikt1 (14); Broken Finguz (15); Big F Plus (17); Vokab and Big Pops (18).

1.K-Dub - 'Catch My Drift' (feat. Planet Asia / Destruct)
2.Law - 'Get That Bread' (feat. Prince Po)
3.Styliztik Jones - 'It Had Me Blowed'
4.E.Q. - 'Enter The Black' (feat. X.P.)
5.Spleen - 'Chairman Of Da Bar' (feat. Inspectah Deck)
6.Mesidge - 'Once Again'
7.B.A.D. Company (Destruct, Pawz 1 and Asterix) - 'L.A. After Dark'
8.Azma - 'Remember This' (feat. Phil Da Agony)
9.Acid Jackson (Illistic & Ill2lectual) - 'That Jiggy Shit Is Over'
10.Montage One - 'Catch A Fade'
11.SavKillz - 'Look What I Become' (feat. Verse)
12.J King - 'All I've Ever Know' (feat. Crooked I)
13.Wasted Talent (Los Vegas & Phaizrok) - 'Liquor Store Pimps'
14.Manuel Ambriz - 'Fed Up'
15.Destruct & Beond - 'The Hustle' (feat. 2Mex)
16.Spleen - 'Bizness Neva Personal' (feat. Big Noyd / B.A.M.)
17.Big F Plus - 'Guards Up' (feat. Mayazteca)
18.DJ J-Ronin - 'The Purpose' (feat. Cappadonna / Reef The Lost Cauze / Sha Stimuli / Mistah Fab)

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