The Cuf - Cuf Caviar vol. 1 CD

The Cuf - Cuf Caviar vol. 1 CDThe Cuf
Label: CFO Recordings
Year: 2011
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Format: CD

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It was thanks to the originality from groups like Freestyle Fellowship, The Pharcyde and Hieroglyphics in the early 90's that West Coast hip hop began to break the mold of what most people remember during the Gangsta Rap era. When members of these legendary groups were forced underground in the late 90's, fans began to seek out a kind of hip hop they weren't getting at the time from the West or even the East. Project Blowed, Living Legends, Bored Stiff, J5 and The Cuf, among many others, carried on a tradition that was started in the West Coast underground, that aimed to please all hip hop fans no matter where you were from. California Underground Funk is back and Caviar Volume One is a triumphant return from the Sacramento group that always did hip hop for the love of it and the fun of it. With Pete B, Mad G, Brother RJ, Krush and N8theGr8, this is the one that fans have been waiting for, for over 10 years! Obviously fans have kept up over the years with Deep Fried Funk Brothers and a few solo joints, but this comes at a time when we need to hear hip hop like this coming out of the West and setting an example again. It's got great beats and dope rhymes as they reflect on their time as a group back in the early days, talking about how hip hop is aging, the disconnect that has grown vastly in the last 10 years alone with the mainstream audience, and basically they just give us a straight up classic! Highly recommended!

1.How We Get Down
2.Flame Lit
3.Wish You Would (feat. D-Moe)
4.I'm Too Much
5.Do It The Most (feat. MaryAnn)
6.Gotta Love Us!!!
8.Don't Ask No ?'s (feat. D-Moe)
9.Larry Lay
10.HYDRO (feat. DonWon)
12.We Got More

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CUF CLASSIC, June 1, 2011
By: kayaman - See all my reviews

These guys just know how to get it crackin. Great album by The Cuf...the production is great on this and the rhymes are dope...great album to chill out and burn some too

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