Brotha Lynch Hung - Coathanga Strangla CD

Brotha Lynch Hung - Coathanga Strangla CDBrotha Lynch Hung
Label: Strange Music
Year: 2011
Price: $18.95
Format: CD

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2011 release from the underground Rap legend. What started with Dinner And A Movie continues with Coathanga Strangla. The second installment of what will be a trilogy, Coathanga Strangla shows once again that Brotha Lynch Hung is here to kill the competition. With a unique style, whose influence can be heard across the spectrum of Rap music, Brotha Lynch uses Coathanga Strangla to weave his intricate stories in a way that's undeniably memorable. Continuing the cinematic experience, immersing listeners into a vivid and graphic world, brought to life thru the lyrics and the vision of one of the sickest in the game. Featuring the likes of Tech N9ne, COS, G Macc, Devious and more.

1.Working Late (Intro) (feat. Lauren Brinson / Tabitha McGlothin)
2.The Coathanga (feat. COS)
3.Mannibalector (feat. COS / Crookwood)
4.Look What I Did (Skit) (feat. Devious)
5.Look It's A Dead Body
6.Sooner Or later (feat. Mr. Blap)
7.Fucc Off Again (Skit)
8.Suicide Watch (feat. First Degree the D.E. / Don Rob / Lauren Brinson / Devious)
9.Spit It Out (feat. COS)
10.Red Dead Bodies (feat. G Macc)
11.Blinded By Desire (feat. Lauren Brinson)
12.Friday Night (feat. COS)
13.The Visit (Skit) (feat. Don Rob / Lauren Brinson)
14.I C U (feat. Tech N9ne)
15.I'm Not Perfect (feat. COS / Crookwood / G Macc)
16.I Don't Think My Momma Ever Loved Me (feat. Irv Da Phenom / Mr. Blap)
17.Eating Fingers (Skit) (feat. Alex Glass / Brandon Wade / Brya Akdersen / Marcell Sanders)
18.Therapy Session (feat. Big NoLove / Bleezo / Save Sicc / Skitso)
19.It Happens (feat. First Degree the D.E. / Tall Cann)
20.Takin' Online Orders (feat. Tech N9ne)
21.Outro (feat. Lauren Brinson)

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