FRKSE (Rajbot) - FRKSE Cassette EP

FRKSE (Rajbot) - FRKSE Cassette EPFRKSE (Rajbot)
Label: I Had An Accident Records / Cooler Than Cucumbers
Year: 2011
Price: $4.95
Format: Cassette

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Assuming most of I Had An Accident's available material was all very similar to Walter Gross and of course their later signings with Tenshun and Psychopop of Skrapez, we went ahead an ordered a bunch that fell short of that promise. Some were very weird, others were dope, but some stuff was for fans of that collage style music, that pastes together samples and ambiance and really lo-fi stuff without Well, the latest release I am happy to say is a return to the promise of giving you some of the good-but-weird back! FRKSE is certainly lo-fi, but the beats hit and they hit hard! Eerie, dark, scratchy and staticky, there is certainly order of chaos here and this time I can definitely say if your a fan of Skrapez, Walter Gross or Infinity will dig this for sure!

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