The Echocentrics - Sunshadows 2xCD

The Echocentrics - Sunshadows 2xCDThe Echocentrics
Label: Ubiquity Records
Year: 2011
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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The Echocentrics is a new project of psychedelic, cinematic and dusty soul produced by Adrian Quesada (Brownout/Ocote Soul Sounds/Grupo Fantasma). Loads of spring reverb, psyched out farfisa organs and heavy drums are accented by beautiful vocals sung in English, Spanish and Portuguese by Tita Lima from Brazil and Natalia Clavier from Argentina. Inspired by the music of Serge Gainsbourg, Curtis Mayfield, Tim Maia, The Lijadu Sisters, Los Pasteles Verdes, Terry Callier, John Lennon, Shuggie Otis, Ennio Morricone, etc., the original seeds to this record were planted almost 5 years ago with a gang of instrumentals Adrian began writing in the laid back and psyched out soul/funk vein.

Disc 1
1.Engines of Solitude
2.Jardim (feat. Tita Lima)
3.It's Not Too Late (feat. Natalia Clavier)
4.Esclavo Y Amo (feat. Natalia Clavier)
5.Electric Travels
6.Mundo Pequeno (feat. Tita Lima)
8.O Elefante (feat. Tita Lima)
9.Down Under (feat. Natalia Clavier)
10.The March
11.Don Alejo
12.Dudar (feat. Natalia Clavier)
13.Crescent Sun
14.The Open Veins
Disc 2

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