Skech185 and ATD - New Age Middle Finger CD

Skech185 and ATD - New Age Middle Finger CDSkech185 and ATD
Label: ReSERVED Records
Year: 2011
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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Skech185 caught the attention of Galapagos4 at the age of 19 and embarked on a four-year stint with the infamous label. He began work on an album with G4s own DJ Whitelightning, an instrumentally gritty and verbally abrasive effort that was terminated due to creative differences. In 2011, with a solid battle history including victories at Scribble Jam and the defeat of Rhymefest, Skech185 was ready to flick a New Age Middle Finger at the world. With his hi-tech approach to songwriting, an increasing buzz coming from his solo efforts with various indie labels (such as Chicago's Fieldwerk Recordings) and packed-to-capacity live shows with Chicago supergroup Tomorrow Kings, the only thing that was missing was the right producer to help him articulate his thoughts, full of darkly atmospheric but amazingly complex beats and boom-bap by Houston producer Analogue Tape Dispenser and a powerful voice ahead of them from Skech185. ''In a nutshell, New Age Middle Finger is a philosophical reawakening of unbiased honesty as not something we say, but as something we live, a way of life that can serve as a surrogate-salvaging structure to implement in a world rooted in smokescreens.'' (From the one-sheet.) At first I thought he sounded a lot like K-the-I?? but coming off a little more aggressive. Sure enough K-the-I?? even did a beat on the album! When people who listen to mainstream hip hop, hear something from the underground as neutral as say Blu & Exile, they dismiss it as weird or different, but in the underground, people do the exact same thing when they hear something like New Age Middle's an increasingly disturbing trend. Try to keep an open mind every once in a while. Fans of B. Dolan, Cannibal Ox, Third Sight, and K-the-I?? should definitely check this out!

2.New Age Middle Finger
3.The Truth
4.Christmas with Gilead7
5.Breathin Room
6.Not So Garden
8.Surgeon General Warning
9.Earthworm Him
10.Tree In Frame With Lana Simpson
11.Hang Me
12.The End
13.I Come Bearing Broken Shit With No Desire To Be Fixed

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