Various Artists - Starship 27 v.2: Take Off 2xLP

Various Artists - Starship 27 v.2: Take Off 2xLPVarious Artists
Label: Insect Records
Year: 2011
Price: $16.95
Format: Vinyl

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In 2009, an album emerged out of nowhere like a UFO sighting calledStarship 27. The album, curated by drummer, producer, and DJ, J-1,featured an assortment of West Coast beat producers. Shortly after the album's release, the eclectic Texas label, iNsect Records, got in contact with J-1 and struck up a conversation which eventually led to Starship 27 Vol. 2 being released. This time around on Vol. 2, we see the list of tracks and producers expand including music by Dam-Funk, Dibia$e, P.U.D.G.E., Devonwho, Ras G and Houseshoes to name only a few. With Starship 27 Vol. 2, J-1 becomes the curatorial captain guiding the spacecraft on its voyage. ''I chose all these folks because I'm truly a fan of all their music...'' says J-1 ''I just really think it's a cool concept to have all these kats on 1 joint so everyone can really see the talent that's in our community. And what exactly is the unexplained phenomenon Starship 27? When asked about it, J1- replies, ''the secret to the name will berevealed on the 3rd installment of the trilogy.'' LIMITED PRESS OF BLUE COLORED VINYL.

1.J-1 - 'Intro'
2.A-Live - 'Didn't I'
3.Jordan Rockswell - 'Air'
4.Dibiase - 'Attention'
5.Flame Brown - 'Blues & Pants'
6.J-1 - 'Slang Talk'
7.House Shoes - 'Castles'
8.PUDGE - 'Didn't Wanna DJ'
9.Eric Lau - '8001'
10.C.F.C. - 'Reason'
11.I, CED - 'Westcoast Rock'
12.Black Spade & Coultrain - 'B Wit U'
13.F.A.M.E. (Fresh Analog Music Experience) - 'Superfuturisticfunkalatapus'
14.Dam-Funk - 'I Don't Just Do Beats'
15.Devonwho - 'Somethingelseagain'
16.B.Bravo - 'Midnite'
17.Kone - 'Funk 3481'
18.Computer Jay - 'The Slapper'
19.Ras G - 'Try-Angles'
20.J-1 - 'Outro'

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