Himself - Feel Like A Star CD

Himself - Feel Like A Star CDHimself
Label: Permanent Records
Year: 2011
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Format: CD

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LA emcee Himself drops his third album, Feel Like A Star, as if no time has passed him by! It's been over ten years and only three albums! Produced by Solrac, on the new album Himself is able to re-establish why he's a dope emcee. Each album has been handled with care, and his kind of hip hop is very much rooted in California but he has always had a sound that could be from the golden era! Good shit and great to see him back at it and sounding like a stress free emcee! Featuring guest appearances by Scarub and Aceyalone!

Produced by Solrac

1.And You Love It
2.Feeling Good
3.Do What You Feel (feat. Scarub)
4.All the Way
5.We Don't Know
6.Fly to Me
7.Sunny LA
8.You Be Thinking About Me
9.Feel Like A Star
10.Social Drinker (feat. Aceyalone)
11.Time For Everything
12.I Do Too

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Energy on the earth, April 5, 2011
By: evileye976 - See all my reviews

Met Iamhimself at Paid Dues this past weekend dood was nice as hell. Gave me his cd and stress ball star. told me to hit him up on twitter. sh*t if i knew how to use that sh*t i totally would. I was skeptical about the cd but after listening to it i felt like i should have paid for it. I mean it isnt flawless but his flow is exactly what gets me pumped to get up in the morning, keeps me motivated throughout the day and gets me charged before going out at night. My favorite song on the 12 track cd would have to be...well "all the way" has a nice back track, so does "you be thinking about me","social drinker" has a moral to the story, ok i am gonna say "all the way" is my go to track. BUY IT!!

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