Hidden Fortress - All That Is CD

Hidden Fortress - All That Is CDHidden Fortress
Label: Hand'Solo Records
Year: 2010
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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In 1997, a dark and smoky apartment became the birth place of what would later evolve into Hidden Fortress. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, but also with a Japanese base of operations, the duo of DJ/producer UsdNeedls and rapper nofutureface bring dark electronics to a West Coast mind state. Growing up in hip-hop's Golden Age, HF was heavily influenced by the sounds of Public Enemy, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, as well as by the progressive indie sounds created throughout the 90s. The razor sharp cuts and cinematic productions of UsdNeedls provide a heavy foundation for the introspective and often cryptic lyrics of nofutureface. Sometimes political, always thought provoking, Hidden Fortress explore realms most do not and make the duo a throwback to an era when a DJ and a rapper once ruled the stage. All That Is is a eulogy for this world and a celebration for the next, a transformative work lost in the language of psychedelic visionaries such as Terrence McKenna, Greg Braden, Graham Hancock and Ram Dass. Released on Hand'Solo Records and featuring Modulock, Planit aka Dirty Samples and Tokyo's Kaigen and more! For fans of more abstract underground stuff to be sure. Word!

1.All That Is
2.Good Hurt
3.The Cure
4.Apotheosis (feat. Modulok)
6.Rich Folks (feat. Planit)
7.Slangshot (feat. Kaigen)
9.Good Bye (feat. Raven Madd)

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