Optimus Rhymes - Optimus Rhymes Is Dead CD

Optimus Rhymes - Optimus Rhymes Is Dead CDOptimus Rhymes
Label: JKC Music / Knew West Ent.
Year: 2011
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Format: CD

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OPTIMUS RHYMES IS DEAD- the 7th full length solo album from the original Jedi Knight's Circle member, Optimus Rhymes. A tribute to one of his all-time favorite albums De La Soul (Is Dead), which at the time made a statement speaking out against the glam rap (similar to the glam-rock that killed Heavy Metal) and R&B that started to creep its way into the mainstream in the early 90's...ahem, MC Hammer for example. Here we are 20 years later and while De La Soul put up the good fight and pulled the rug out from underneath the feet of ''rap and bullshit'', things are worse than ever in 2011, and Optimus had some things on his mind to say about it. The album's title also comes from an odd rumor that was spread around a few years ago that Optimus was actually dead. The golden age of hip hop is an era that Optimus comes from and grew up on, and for him this is a a return to the days of sampling and 4-tracks, and is sure to please more than just JKC followers new and old. 18 tracks and skits, a running time of 59 minutes, with production by Optimus Rhymes, Cosmic, Dirtybird, Kegs One and Down The Ganges. Featuring Maleko and Cosmic, with cover art by Michael Tandiama of Seraphim Aesthetics. In addition to the album being dope on its own it is also fucking comedy! GO!

1.Opt Is..Intro/I Bee
3.Book Of Life (feat. Maleko)
5.Knock Underground
6.Skiterlude 1
7.Mr. Surly
8.So 80's
9.I Dont Giva (Goddamn)
10.Skiterlude 2
11.Throwback Rap
12.Bridge Burners
13.The Ghost of Pacific
14.Skiterlude 3
17.You Dont Own Me (feat. Cosmic)
18.Last Words: Outro

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Optimus Rhymes is..., March 15, 2011
By: teknic - See all my reviews

Not dead! Opt's latest album doesn't disappoint, reminds me of his classic albums such as Metamorphosis, More then Meets the Eye, Fourcast etc... but he's definitely gotten older and wiser.. his rhymes reflect this. Check out I Don't Give A, Last Words and Knock Underground.

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