Various Artists - Fallin Off the Reel III CD

Various Artists - Fallin Off the Reel III CDVarious Artists
Label: Truth & Soul Records
Year: 2011
Price: $16.95
Format: CD

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Following up the success of the first two volumes, the third entry in Truth & Soul's Fallin Off the Reel series packs in 20 tracks originally pressed as limited edition 45'' singles, listed in chronological order of their release. Choice selections from the label's expansive roster of contemporary and classic soul, funk and R&B talent features artists such as El Michels Affair, Black Velvet, Michael Leonhart, Lee Fields & the Explorers and Cosmic Force. FOTR III serves as both the ideal introduction for casual fans and a comprehensive retrospective for long-time listeners of one of the most consistently excellent and relevant Soul Music labels in music today!

1.Cosmic Force - 'Ghetto Down'
2.Cosmic Force - 'Trinidad Bump'
3.Quincy Bright - 'Stay The Nite'
4.Quincy Bright - 'Oh Boy'
5.Timothy McNealy - 'Funky Movement No. 2'
6.Timothy McNealy - 'Sagittarius Black'
7.El Michels Affair - 'Musings To Myself (Alt. Mix)'
8.El Michels Affair - 'Spread Your Soul'
9.Black Velvet - 'Is It Me You Really Love'
10.Black Velvet - 'An Earth Quakes Coming'
11.The Olympians - 'How Can I Love (Now That You're Gone)'
12.The Olympians - 'Stand Tall'
13.The Ghetto Brothers - 'Ghetto Brothers Power'
14.The Ghetto Brothers - 'I Saw A Tear'
15.El Michels Affair - 'Run Fay Run'
16.El Michels Affair - 'Red Rooster'
17.Lee Fields & The Explorers - 'Problems'
18.Lee Fields & The Explorers - 'Honey Dove'
19.Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 - 'Scopolamine'
20.Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 - 'God Fever'

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