Bibio - Mind Bokeh 2xLP

Bibio - Mind Bokeh 2xLPBibio
Label: Warp Records
Year: 2011
Price: $23.95
Format: Vinyl

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Genre masher, Bibio, the multi-talented British producer follows up his amazing 2009 album Ambivalence Avenue with his sixth effort, Mind Bokeh, once again on Warp Records. Derived from the Japanese word for blur, Bokeh is a term in photography that describes the beautiful quality out-of-focus images can take on, often intentionally done to highlight foreground subjects. The pop-electronic and indie-folk marriage of his one-man-band sound is more about the balancing act it takes to get it right. Bringing something different to each track, from his echoing vocals creeping in over a glitch hop beats, to desolation invoking interlude-like moments. Perhaps it is Bibio intentionally looking for the ''blurry'' moments in his music as it relates to bokeh found within a photograph. Bibio exists in the same realm as underground hip hop, and I say this because some of our greatest heroes in the genre may never get the credit they so deserve. And even if we place Bibio as an artist expertly existing in the sub-genres of sub-genres of music, it is a love for what he does rather then the notice he so rightly deserves that makes it such a wonderful listen. Comes with a camera filter to help you experiment with your own bokeh effect. Peep the album cover for example.

3.Anything New
4.Wake Up!
5.Light Seep
6.Take Off Your Shirt
7.Artists' Valley
8.K Is for Kelson
9.Mind Bokeh
10.More Excuses
11.Feminine Eye
12.Saint Christopher

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