Infinito 2017 - Rid the Stereotypes &... CD

Infinito 2017 - Rid the Stereotypes &... CDInfinito 2017
Label: Joe Left Hand Records
Year: 2011
Price: $10.95
Format: CD

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Infinito's first album for 2011 is ''Rid the Stereotypes and Programmed Slaves.'' Here's what he wants people to know: ''I'm telling you if you're watching too much television than you have forced your self into the world of a stupid person. This world is made for clones and copycats! If you wanted to teach talent you will be teaching for the rest of your life. As we walk deeper into the 21st Century we find ourselves trapped behind plasma screens looking into nothingness searching for sanity while eating junk food for education, what are you going to do to break the spells of sleep? Take time clean the wax out of your ears and listen to the Facts before your eyes, stop killing your self, taking from another and wasting your time doing mindless foolishness rid the stereotypes and programmed slaves from self destruction... you headed for Self Destruction.''

Production by: The Geaux (tracks 4, 12 & 14), Jams Da BOOMBOX (KING BOOM) (2, 5, 7 10), The Derilick (13), Life Line Eternal (1, 3, 6, 9, 11), Dj What (8). Lyrics by: Infinito 2017, Howard Nkosi, Thaione Davis, Jago Moonshine, Nekaybaaw, Mordecai the Foul.

1.One Consciousness (feat. Raven)
2.Stankin (DAL)
3.Programmed Slaves
4.Stealth (feat. Thaione Davis)
5.Color Copper Sun
6.Black Pepper Salt Shakers (feat. Mordecai The Foul)
7.They Bite Ideas (You Wack)
8.DJ Waht - 'from the Farina Beat Supplement'
9.Never Close
10.Self Contained
11.The Devil Lurks (feat. Raven)
12.Weak Shows
13.Everything I Love Song (feat. Howard Nkosi / Jago Moonshine / Jonez the Revolution)
14.Say Little Girl (feat. Nekaybaaw)

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