Supreme Being Unit - Mental Rev./Spiritual Reb CD

Supreme Being Unit - Mental Rev./Spiritual Reb CDSupreme Being Unit
Label: Legendary Entertainment
Year: 2011
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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one of the greatest Canadian hip hop albums ever made! Legendary Ent. has repressed this long lost release from 1997 which was previously only released on cassette and a very limited pressing on CD. I know because I owned them both. A few months back, the repress of their first cassette, The First Great Pyramid, was finally made available after almost 15 years! Twin brothers Mindbender and Conspiracy are from Toronto, and at a time when you barely ever heard of anything coming out of Canada these guys smashed all preconceived notions one might have had about hip hop from the North Side! Along with one-time producer Kelron, Mental Reverse was Mindbender's A-Side and Spiritual Rebirth was Conspiracy's B-Side on the tape. Mindbender is versed in a wide range of historical topics and spits fiercely about politics and oppression of cultures throughout time over some heavy mental shit! Conspiracy is philosophical, spiritual and focused on battle rhymes. Both have deeper voices and as I said before it should bring back memories of early Mystik Journeymen like 4001: A Stolen Legacy and Abstract Tribe Unique like Mood Pieces. Around 2000 the two split up, but as for this, it's all here, it's from an era in hip hop that has passed, but at its essence it is timeless. Highly recommended... and by the way ''We Shall Overcome'' is one of my all-time favorite tracks. 3 bonus tracks that predate this album are only filler for the repress.

Produced by Kelron except track 7 (Omegatron) and 23 (Thrysite). Track 3 co-produced by Conspiracy. Track 4 co-produced by Mindbender.

1.Psychokinetic Forces Two
2.Pleasures Of The Flesh
3.Mild Dose Of Tranquility (A Capella Thoughts)
4.The Powers That Be (feat. Stubs)
5.Special F/X (feat. Conspiracy / Stubs)
6.Behold The Untold
7.Drowning and Sinking
8.When The Beast Is In The House (A Capella Thoughts)
9.We Shall Overcome
10.Welcome To The Concentration Camp
11.Psychokinetic Forces Three
12.Nobody's Ready!!
14.Forget Your Limits
15.When It Gets To The Roach
16.My Transporter Room (feat. Psychology The Mindbender)
17.The Last Laugh (feat. Psychology The Mindbender)
18.This Might Be It
19.The Time Has Come
20.Nothing Like Relaxing
21.I, Cutslinger The Vinyl Vigilante (Sum Old Ghetto Classic Practice)
22.The Glorious Thrysight/Saraph
23.The Archangel Finale (A Little Taste Of What's To Be!)

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